Nassif reveals brokers release elements Daesh in exchange for money

Nassif reveals brokers release elements Daesh in exchange for money

Monday April 3, 2017 at 9:27

Nassif reveals brokers release elements Daesh in exchange for moneyBAGHDAD / Sky Press …

He demanded an MP for the “reform front” high Nassif, Monday, commander of the armed forces to intervene and put an end to the phenomenon of the release of the elements of the organization “Daesh” in Mosul by some “weak people” in the security forces in exchange for money, while suggesting the lack of real statistical the number of “terrorists” held in the province’s prisons.

Nassif said in a statement received “Sky Press,” that “in the absence of accurate statistics for the number of Aldoaash who are arrested in Mosul, their nationalities and the crimes they have committed, some weak people in the security forces to release some of Aldoaash in exchange for money,” stating: ” the statistics issued by the agency for police Affairs in the Ministry of Interior is inaccurate, because the number of detainees in Qayyarah only are being held in 1315 “.

Nassif explained that “there is information about the existence of deals and bargains and selling of Doaash detainees, as they are released, even if their arrest delicto”, pointing out that “the intelligence to arrest them and some of the weak people in the security forces release them in exchange for money.”

She asked Nassif, “Where the control of prisons that do not know their numbers and places? And how goes the blood of innocent Iraqis wasted while the release of the killers with ease?”, Indicating that “the terrorists who are released come to Baghdad and engaged in murder, booby-trapping and destruction of crimes, ie, what It gets today, unfortunately is the recycling of waste that carry Daesh name because of some corrupt elements blinded by greed and greed, corruption that led to the entry Daesh to Mosul and will contribute to and unfortunately in the return of this terrorist organization again. ”

She stressed Nassif on “the need for the intervention of Prime Minister personally in this case and to open an investigation at the highest levels and to hold accountable and punish those involved in such transactions, and assign professional officers and competent to monitor prisons and ensure that records and checks the numbers of detainees and their nationalities, and to prevent such a bargains and sale of prisoners who are being arrested” .

Joint Iraqi forces are engaged in large-scale military operations to regain control of the right coast in the city of Mosul from the organization “Daesh”, after the release left coast late last January.