Najafi and Allawi and al-Issawi to Clinton: Maliki to haunt us

Najafi and Allawi and al-Issawi to Clinton: Maliki to haunt us

Posted, 7/6/2016 09:55

Najafi and Allawi and al-Issawi to Clinton - Maliki to haunt usNajafi and Allawi and al-Issawi to Clinton: Maliki to haunt us
Detecting the location and Ichaelks, Tuesday, 1200 letter from your e-former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Iraq, including the communications of the complaining politicians from the Iraqi List to Clinton from former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

According to the US site Washington Akzamnr that the “treasure of the letters written by former US Secretary of State for Iraq includes tables Clinton and exposed under fire after he kept her team on a secret Ajtmaatha with the donor countries for her campaign from the Gulf states as threatened site publishes 3000 another letter acknowledged Clinton deleted as it was personal for her. ”

And it revealed one of her letters, dated 11/27/2011 entitled “How to save Iraq from civil war, which sent both Rafie al-Issawi and Iyad Allawi, Osama al-Iraq today stands on the brink of disaster with President Obama to abide by his promise in the campaign to end the war here.”

The letter added that “the end it was not the form in which they want anyone in Washington, and that the award of that which fought for it American soldiers is to create a democratic, non-sectarian state, but Iraq now moves to the contrary and toward authoritarian sectarian carries a destructive civil war.”

She continued the message, “We, the leaders of the Iraqi List, which won the largest number of seats in 2010 and who represent more than a quarter of Iraqis and consider ourselves not Shiites nor the year, but as Iraqis Our pursuit take place and threaten us by Mr. al-Maliki, who is trying to get us out of political life and create a one-party state authoritarianism.”

And showed letter of complaint to Hillary Clinton, “with the end of the US military presence in the past few weeks, another force moved in to fill the void and was surrounded our offices and our homes in the Green Maliki’s forces have laid siege to our party and to do so with the blessing of the judiciary and the politicization of the law,” according to the letter