Mutlaq: I have serious information about al-Issawi and List (united) supported

Mutlaq: I have serious information about al-Issawi and List (united) supported externally to form a Sunni province

11:41 2013-03-28

Follow-up – public opinion – Deputy Prime Minister launched leader of the Iraqi List, Saleh al-Mutlaq, an attack on some Iraqi leaders.
Mutlaq said in a meeting with one of the satellite channels, on Wednesday, “that some Iraqi parties and those who are in the list of trying to form a united Sunni province in the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh and isolated from Iraq, but isolate the Sunnis from the Shiites and the matter will not be silent.”

Mutlaq revealed “having serious and important information on the Iraqi leader Rafie al-Issawi,” rejecting “disclosed in the present time, but when I want to Ward will respond harshly” expressing shock severe criticism Issawi him. ”

He accused the President of the National Dialogue Front affiliated to the Iraqi “list united بتلقيهم external support for the establishment of the province of Sunni happen sectarian fighting before and after the announcement between Sunnis and Shiites and we will stand against him because he project will be divided Iraq” and expressed “support for the cabinet’s decision to postpone the elections provinces of Anbar and Nineveh to thwart this project “.

“I though I was with what I support postponed elections to get rid of the mass united in control of Anbar and Nineveh, but we want a democratic and transparent elections to ensure the rights of everyone to participate away from foreign projects.” Noting that the Electoral Commission in Anbar and Nineveh closed and controlled list was united us pause in the postponement of the elections because they would be undemocratic and fear of fraud. ”

In a reference to external support for some of the blocks and politicians said Mutlaq “The presence of external support” and wondered “Where spent candidates in Nineveh and Anbar millions of dollars on the electoral propaganda that fills the streets and if they had such money why not spend it on the people of the poor.”

He continued, “I did not expect that al-Issawi speak me bad, he says to me all this time my uncle,” adding that “the same people who dispersed the Iraqi List and Cherkhuha formed bloc united and want to form province and I told them earlier that this dispersal of the country and the list and when defected went Iyad Allawi bloc and we with mass solution. ”

He accused al-Mutlaq bloc united by subsumed a number of Iraqi leaders most prominent (Osama Najafi, Rafie al-Issawi) “to launch a media campaign against him and tarnish his image before the masses who already succeeded in that / he said / and today there are a lot of our friends directing us blame, blame and this is all because of the campaign Media unjust completed the truth and purpose of any link is only for electoral competition and political history. ”

And assault incident suffered by the 30 of last January by the protesters in Anbar throw stones and shoes Mutlaq said that “the operation was planned and prepared in advance, there was an attempt to assassinate me, one of the arrangement are united and are now located in the platform demonstrations have Nget narrowly and thanks God has been processing large quantities of stone and firearms before the day of my visit to Anbar and wounded a number of individuals to protect me and while I got the platform that was present on the back Ahmed al-Alwani and Ahmed Abu Risha and Ali Hatem al-Suleiman and others was not working microphone and Club spokesman demonstrators Said Lafi commented commented any intended to suspend our work in the government told him that we want collective comments of the government, and not individually. ”

“And their time I felt that the matter mastermind and the platform started shaking came down them and that all officials who reminded them disappeared The strange thing is that it reminded them have made efforts for the purpose of persuading people against Saleh al-Mutlaq commits me what happened in Anbar during my visit to the demonstrations because strange is that all the people استقبلوني I left automobile موكبي out enter only four members of the protection because I am between my family and was present at the podium were staying me large Alolaam in my previous visits as well as the warm reception What others this time?? “.

Mutlaq frankly criticized the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to disrupt the vote and approval of the General Amnesty Law.

He explained, “It was scheduled to be approved by Parliament on the law before Eid al-Fitr past in order to proclaim a gift to the people but the presidency gave vacation to parliament before the vote two days aimed at Key Thinketh me it then display again before Eid al-Adha last happened again giving vacation for Congress.”

He added that “the law is ready and will not be silent if disabled and we will reveal who they are standing against the law and I do not think that one can disable the passage of the law this time.” P / h