Mutlaq demanded to sue the United States to invade Iraq

Mutlaq demanded to sue the United States to invade Iraq


Americans in IraqAlngela – student leader of the Iraqi List, Arab Hamid al-Mutlaq, the Iraqi government and leaders of political blocs to sue the United States on the “I did it”, in the tenth anniversary of the fall of the former regime, and called for compensation for those affected by the violence inflicted by U.S. troops, while stressing that the four millions of Iraqis have been displaced out of the country since 2003.

Mutlaq said in a press conference held at the parliament building on the Iraqi government and political leaders claim the rights of Iraqis and compensation for their property and their lives been lost as a result of the U.S. occupation demanding to “bring cases against the United States in international fora to its occupation of Iraq.”

He Mutlaq that the entry of the Americans to Iraq is a brutal occupation offset by the Iraqi people steadfastness in all provinces, which led to the exit of the U.S. military defeat, pointing out that the U.S. occupation led to the migration of four million Iraqis and the spread of corruption and bribery.

Noteworthy that on Tuesday, 9/4/2013, marks the tenth anniversary of the entry of multinational forces to Baghdad and then to all the other cities of Iraq to displace the Baath regime which seized power in Iraq for more than three decades through a military coup in 1968.

The Iraqi government celebrates every year in the ninth day of the month of April on the occasion of (the fall of Saddam’s regime) after him the interim Iraqi government headed by Ibrahim al-Jaafari in 2006 an official holiday for all institutions of the Iraqi state based on the first decision of the Governing Council on 13 July 2003, only The Iraqi Council of Ministers decided in 2007 to cancel an official holiday in this day and make it on official time.