Muqtada al-Sadr decides to permanently retire from political life

Muqtada al-Sadr decides to permanently retire from political life and the Liberal bloc confirms that he decided to retreat in order not to be part of a conspiracy against Iraq


Muqtada al-Sadr decides to permanently retirePalm – Sources close to the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Sunday, that the current leader has decided to retire from political life and the abolition of political circles associated with it and not take part in any political work directly in the next stage, while confirming the Liberal bloc said the decision came as a step from the chest to refuse participate in any conspiracy against Iraq, “by staying in the political process.”

The sources told media that the current leader al-Sadr has decided to retire from political life and not take part in any political work in the coming period directly, indicating that it was due to the indifference of some Iraqi blood and the deteriorating security situation in the country, especially during the last period.

The sources, who asked not to be named, that “al-Sadr also decided to close his private office and all its associated political circles Cardh on the current political reality,” without giving further details.

For his part, the President of the Liberal bloc Bahaa al-Araji, told Al-Sharqiya that “Sadr’s decision came as an expression of his refusal to participate in any conspiracy against Iraq by staying in the political process.”

This is the first time that declaring the leader of Sadr his retirement from political action, since 2006, and Aazzoa observers that decision to the deteriorating security situation in the country during the past period, which resulted in the killing and wounding dozens of attacks coordinated car bombs targeting different regions of the country, as well as enticements and intersections between the political blocs, and claims the search for a national salvation government to get rid of the crises experienced by Iraq.

The decision to retire from the chest amid reports of information a serious deterioration of the security situation in Iraq, a cause in the Declaration of the United States close its embassy in Baghdad, as it announced that the U.S. embassy in the 2 August 2013, closed its doors on Sunday, the next step precautionary measures for the purposes of safety and security, “and called American citizens who are “in need of help to contact the embassy,” while likely that there will be “additional closure days depending on the analysis of the situation.”

And experiencing the capital Baghdad unprecedented security measures where security forces are implementing a raid and search operations in crowded areas of Baghdad on the back of the receipt of information indicating that there is car bombs intended to detonate insurgents in those areas.

The United Nations in Iraq revealed on the first of August 2013, that the 1057 Iraqi was killed and 2326 wounded in acts of terrorism and violence in the month of July, noting that the civilian death toll reached 928 and injured 2109, while killing 129 component security and injured more than 217 others.

A source at the Interior Ministry said in, (21 July 2013), that several mortar shells fell on Abu Ghraib prison west of Baghdad, (that evening), followed by the outbreak of clashes between the special force came to the prison after the fall of shells and gunmen attacked while approaching the building prison, also landed a number of mortar shells near Taji prison (Pisces), followed by the explosion of several explosive devices on the road leading to the prison, “noting that” unidentified gunmen attacked after elements of the protection of the prison which led to the outbreak of violent clashes between the two sides.

The Sadrist movement currently has 40 seats in the Iraqi Council of Representatives out of 159 seats of the National Alliance as power remained conservative on the number of seats after he joined prosecutor Jaafar al-Moussawi, who defected from the mass of virtue.