MP Khalil: Economic Development Act will support vital sectors in the country

Baghdad (news) confirmed the decision of the Committee of Economy and Investment deputy coalition of Kurdish blocs Mahma Khalil, the importance of activating the law of economic development by the government to support the various economic sectors in the country.

Khelil said (of the Agency news): The law of economic development, which was enacted during the last period In the House of Representatives is one of the important laws of the national economy, because it supports the agriculture, industry and tourism.

added: that the Iraqi constitution recommended in Article (26) attention the different economic sectors and encourage investment to boost revenues economy, but economic policy currently followed floundering and not encouraging.

said: that There will be some adjustments laws in the House of Representatives as a law protecting local products, tariff and prevent monopoly and investment to support the national economy and convert it from a centralized economy to a free market economy.