Minister: President of the Republic and Minister refuse to give up British nationality (details)

Minister: President of the Republic and Minister refuse to give up British nationality (details)

13-12-2015 02:00 PM

Minister - President of the Republic and Minister refuse to give up British nationalityFormer Transport Minister Amir Abdul-Jabbar said that the government withdraw the citizenship law of the House of Representatives means directing rounds of mercy on the upcoming reforms, especially that the law came under the Iraqi constitution article 18 paragraph IV where the inadmissibility of combining the second sexual and office sovereign or security high-level has This came with the following text of the article above, stressed the President of the Iraqi Advisory Office saying, “may have multiple sexual Iraqis who assumes sovereign position or security senior abandonment of any other nationality acquired and is regulated by law.”

He said in a press statement today in 2010, we have prepared a draft law citizenship in the cabinet but has not received a vote him because most ministers were hold a second nationality.

He added, that “in 2013 was the vote on the draft law by the Cabinet and sent to the House of Representatives and was parked on the shelves have been several statements and articles about it published to stimulate House of Representatives to vote on it but to no avail.

“The Zered to say” Bmad the advent of the new government We are encouraged when the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic said about Tnazlhma second nationality but later turned out that this waiver formality and for the consumption of the media because it must submit a waiver in writing and delivers the passport and citizenship or any Msthompsk last official letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to officially sent to the other country, but that does not happen.

“He concluded by Abdul-Jabbar said,” when a popular reforms revolution and with the support of the religious authority Saleem al-Jubouri said he will introduce dual citizenship law to vote, but were surprised when the government withdraw the draft law, and we hope for them to claim the abolition of the Khawr Abd Allah agreement humiliating or pull the railway link agreement rather than withdraw citizenship law, and this is what made ​​us in disappointment and therefore I am pessimistic of the occurrence of any reform of the actual and either what he says about here and there about the reforms is only a media consumption to gain time and deceive the people with deep regret. ”