Minister Kurds declare boycott cabinet meetings

Minister Kurds declare boycott cabinet meetings

July 10, 2014 13:59

Minister Kurds declare boycott cabinet meetings[Baghdad – where]

Ministers announced the Kurds in the federal government, on Thursday, non-participation in the meetings of the Council of Ministers on charges of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that Erbil has become the headquarters of the operations Daash and the Baathists. ”

Al-Maliki, has said in his weekly on Wednesday, “We will not allow that to be Erbil headquarters of operations for the gangs Daash terrorist and al-Qaeda and terrorist groups” addressing “political partners that stop the presence of Baathists and extremist groups, and the media counterrevolution in the region.”

The ministers held the Kurds in Baghdad today held a press conference attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] gave a statement saying, “We, the Ministers of the Kurds involved in the government of national unity on the basis of agreement Erbil, and in the time that we salute and evaluate highly the role of the supreme authority in the defense of the ingredients of nationalism and sectarianism and the interests of Iraq, the Supreme At the same time you are aware of the dangers that threaten our country and our people, with all its components by the forces of darkness and terrorism, led by the so called Bdaash and the remnants of the Baath fascist announce where all our protest and rejection of statements provocative and individual attitudes to the Prime Minister hostile to the unity of the Iraqi people and in particular the brothers struggle of Arab and Kurdish coalition which was built on the basis of the structure of the democratic political process in Iraq. ”

They said Maliki’s remarks “are in the door of threats and intimidation and driving a wedge of hostility between the components of the Iraqi people and all the false accusations against the Kurdistan region and national forces, while it was the first to respect the pure blood that shed daily in defense of democracy, freedom and Iraq on the borders of Kurdistan in the fight against terrorism and respect for the martyrs Albeshmrگh of heroes and appreciate the feelings of their families. ”

A statement by Minister of the Kurds that “these practices and statements from whatever source is the first way to hide the failure of the security the large and blame others which are irrelevant to the enemies of the Iraqi people and predators by the terrorists and the like and unlike the right track calling for brotherhood and unity of struggle and heal the rift, and return to the right path so from the site of our responsibility and commitment to what we believe him not to announce our participation in the sessions of the Council of Ministers to demonstrate our protest and not bearing the responsibility for such actions, statements and positions. ”

The statement continued, “We believe that the only way to save Iraq is a return to national agreements numerous among the various Iraqi forces and commitment to dialogue seriously committed in order to avoid errors, and access to the new national government that represents all the Iraqi people and satisfy all of its components on the basis of commitment to the Constitution and the principles of partnership truth and harmony and balance , and we are to recall and emphasize that Erbil and Kurdistan were always Castle of Liberals and Democrats of the Sons of Iraq fighters against the dictatorship and place of the Prime Minister himself in Kurdistan has been touching this position historic day in addition to the fighting along the border of exceeding a thousand kilometers are home to Kurdistan for more than half a million citizens of central and southern Iraq. ”

The leadership in the province of Kurdistan has decided yesterday on charges of al-Maliki “harboring Arbil Daash and the Baathists,” Minister Kurds withdraw from the federal government.

A statement by the presidency of the province told al-Maliki that “Arbil is not a place for Daash and likes Daash, and place Aldaahien have you when they handed over the land of Iraq and equipment six military teams to Daash, and you who Mlmt Generals Baath around you did not stand a chance one hour, we do not know how in any way come accuses Now The talk of the television. ”

He said in his speech to the owners, “you just say, you have to apologize to the Iraqi people and leave the chair, because you destroyed the country and destroying the country could not save them from the crisis.”

Comes this new escalation between the center and the region before the days of holding a second session of the new parliament on Sunday which will hopefully be resolved by the political blocs, the names of candidates of the three presidencies and that negotiations were under way so far in this regard. Ended