Middle East intelligence analysts Americans are suspicious of the distortion of their reports to serve Obama

Survey: Middle East intelligence analysts Americans are suspicious of the distortion of their reports to serve Obama

Thursday, November 17, 2016 16:27

Middle East intelligence analysts Americans are suspicious of the distortion of their reports to serve ObamaBAGHDAD / Baghdadi Uz..ozar follow-up survey of national intelligence to officials in the Central Command of the US Army, which oversees combat operations in the Middle East and South Asia have much less that their superiors do not distort their analyzes compared to their counterparts in eight other military leaders’ confidence.
It is expected that this survey, conducted in December last year the Office of Director of National Intelligence One of the main topics at the session of the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday.
It is likely that this survey reinforces the questions that revolve in Congress and others whether the administration put pressure on officials to declare excessive reports in optimism on the progress of the war on the organization Daesh terrorist and Taliban until US President Barack Obama leaves the White House in January, a proven track record of achievements .
Earlier this year, reaching a report prepared by Republicans in Congress to the existence of “widespread dissatisfaction” among analysts in the central command center in Tampa, who believe that their rulers, they twist their reports.
Among the most prominent results of the survey that only 36 percent of the Central Command officials who participated in the survey said they are confident that their managers in middle and senior leadership are not deliberately misrepresent their analysis or erase them.
The average 72 percent in the eight other military leaders including competent Pacific, Africa and Europe leaders.
And headed Central Command, the US military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other Middle East and South Asia regions.
Asked whether it was a “tried to distort the analysis you are working with or smudge, despite convincing evidence” was the answer 40 percent of the participants in the Central Command poll “yes” compared with 13 percent in the overall average.
The poll showed that “65 percent of respondents said that the politicization of a problem.”
The report said, “the data suggest that the participants of the Central Command believe that unity is committed to the objective criteria of slightly lesser degree from other units to their counterparts in the intelligence community.”
Central Command and the Office of Director of National Intelligence did not respond immediately to requests for comment on the survey results.
The report said, “The survey is conducted annually since 2006 and about 4000 Analyst and their managers who participated in it, including 125 analysts and their managers the central leadership.”
However, the report cautioned that “care should be taken when interpreting the results in general for each command, because the responses were voluntary.”
Officials at other US intelligence agencies, said that “the problems in the Central Command is not the result of pressure from the White House or other senior officials, and it has a limited role as declared by administration publicly about progress in the war on Daesh terrorist or Taliban has proved to be a lot of it was overly optimistic.” .
The officials said “it is true because a great deal of Central Command analysis consists of daily estimates of the damage caused by the shelling and other reports on the situation and not an intelligence strategy and represents only a fraction of the materials that make their way from various intelligence agencies to the daily intelligence report, which provides part US President, including the Central intelligence agency and national Security agency. ”
It is likely that the survey results raise questions about the assessments Central Command intelligence. Results have not been made public yet, although it was published without announcement last month, the department is seen on the website of the Office of National Intelligence Director.
Earlier this year, the US Congress report paint a rosy picture of the exaggerated Daesh war on terror in 2014 and 2015 compared with the reality on the ground and the other pessimistic assessments of the analysts. ”
Military officials said that “the Inspector General of the Ministry of Defense is investigating these results is expected to issue a separate report” .anthy 21 / d