Member of the Committee on economy: foreign investors hesitate to enter Iraq due to the worsening political situation and not raise item VII

Baghdad (newsletter) … He is a member of the Committee on the economy and investment the National Alliance Deputy//Ibrahim Al-Rikabi, the continuing reluctance of foreign investors to enter the Iraqi environment for investment because of the unstable political situation and the continued development of Iraq under item VII. Rikabi said (to news agency news) on Thursday despite the economic infrastructure and investment opportunities, but investment remains slow wheel movement in the country.

He continued that foreign investors fear into Iraq for the purpose of investment, because there are no real guarantees their capital in implementation of investment projects, as well as the political stalemate and failure of the banking system and the continued development of Iraq under Chapter VII which gives non-positive signal and a bad reputation for the country in the world.

He called for: remove all obstacles in front of investors for the purpose of encouraging investment in Iraq