Member of the Commission on oil: Iraq will not give Kuwait (160) oil well to settle the file Airways and wells joint problems will be solved easily

Baghdad (news) .. Denied a member of the Commission on oil MP / Kurdistan Alliance / Qasim Mohammad Qasim unequivocally, reports that recently that the issue of Iraqi Airways was ceded by Kuwait against (160) wells Iraqi oil.

Kassem said (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: There are no official or an Iraqi citizen or Kuwaiti coveted in Iraq’s oil, stressing that the international conventions will be present to resolve the issue of problems wells shared with Kuwait with ease. added: that the State of Kuwait has suffered greatly from the previous regime’s practices towards her, also suffered all the sons of the Iraqi people from the tyranny of This system, pointing out that the methods acquisitions do not work the two countries.

said: that Kuwait has a great wealth and can not covet wealth of Iraq, and there is common fields between Iraq and Kuwait, will cause according to international conventions and in the interest of the two countries. was the source of the South Oil Company said that the Iraqi government prevented any extraction of oil from oil wells adjacent to the border of Kuwait where he this source as a week ago, specifically the start of the Kuwaiti side lowered drilling equipment to start working openly in the wells of Iraq, while welcomed Kuwaiti Information victory diplomatic negotiator Kuwait on the issue of Iraqi Airways where he stated Qabas newspaper that Kuwait was able to get (160) oil wells Iraqi exchange for ending the issue of Iraqi aircraft has included these wells asset significant oil, as revealed official at the Iraqi Foreign Ministry for there is considerable disagreement about this deal “suspicious” in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, which resulted in the granting of Kuwait (160) oil wells.