Maliki refuses to relinquish the party leadership to Ebadi .. and putting obstacles in a way

Maliki refuses to relinquish the party leadership to Ebadi .. and putting obstacles in a way

November 6, 2014, 11:10

Maliki refuses to relinquish the party leadership to Ebadi and putting obstacles in a wayBAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

A leading figure in the call for “no real problems in the Dawa Party, led by Nuri al-Maliki, the former president of the Iraqi government» party, pointing out that «these problems are in the direction of putting obstacles in front of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.”

The leader in his speech ((eighth day)), “said al-Maliki has almost categorically all the leaders of the National Alliance, and kept the marginal links for the purpose of courtesies only official appearances, believing that the coalition leaders had betrayed him when he did not insist on his inauguration as prime minister for a third term», explaining that “al-Maliki believes in the conspiracy theory and feels a victim of treachery, which kept him out of the third term, and accuse others so that they are in the Dawa Party (Hsdoh) because they did not achieve what we achieved it.

The leader, said the National Alliance, which includes the largest Shiite parties, namely: the Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim, and the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr, and advocacy led by Nuri al-Maliki, and the Badr Organization, led by Hadi al-Amiri, and virtue, and the tide of reform, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who heads the coalition, Foreign Minister , saying that “the problem that threatens the unity of the Dawa Party, could lead to a split sixth which is the party leadership», pointing out that “there was a custom in the Dawa Party, to be the Secretary-General who will take great responsibility in the state (prime minister), when al-Jaafari was prime minister The secretary general of the party, then al-Maliki was chosen secretary-general when he received the prime minister, while Ali is a writer, is the first man in the call, which is subject to the terms of the Secretary-General, but he (the writer) waiver in the previous conference of the owners. ” He said: «Today on Maliki to abdicate by the General Secretariat of the Dawa party of Ebadi being a senior leader in the party and the prime minister, but the problem is that the party is facing is the lack of Maliki’s approval to waive the leadership of the party.”

He pointed out that “al-Maliki refuses to relinquish the idea of ​​the party leadership, especially as it is believed to be a waiver or forced to relinquish the presidency of the government». He said the «close to al-Maliki, transporting him to Abadi betrayed him before the post of prime minister who was one of al-Maliki, right, and now he wants (Abadi) that the party leadership does not deny it keeps him anything.”

And revealed the leadership in that “there are significant divisions within the party and its leaders because you do not specify a date for the convening of the General Conference of the party to be either a renewal of the owners or elected Abadi, instead of him,” pointing out that “Maliki has attracted a lot of party leaders and prominent members when he was in power, either through appointed task positions or by giving them money or opportunities enrichment, such as commercial contracts, construction contracting, etc., and these will remain close to the former president of the government, and there is another section they see the need to change the Secretary-General and be Abadi, or other general secretary without entering into conflict influence within the party. ” .

“The close of the Abadi had not heard from him that student-led Dawa Party, and that turneth every effort for the success of his mission as prime minister, and there are those who advised him of the need to resign from the Dawa Party, for the duration of his presidency for the government to be independent of its decisions, and being the head of government of all Iraqis away from partisanship, “noting that” if Maliki continues to put obstacles in the path of Abadi may push the prime minister to resign from the Dawa Party, especially since he is known for his lack of strong attachment to Balthzb, and advocacy brought him to the highest office in the land, which is not afraid to give up call about the party being supported by the rest of the Shiite parties on the one hand, and the United States of America on the other hand, has documented ties with Iran in the first visit to Tehran last month. ”

The leader of the National Alliance: «We are in a coalition and are watching with concern the problems and obstacles that Evtolha Maliki Mahsopon him, and statements to put sticks in the wheel Abadi.