Maliki obsessed Mounbn feared assassination by poison

Maliki obsessed Mounbn feared assassination by poison


Maliki obsessed Mounbn feared assassination by poisonBaghdad / Orr News

Believed close to the crew of the Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki said he became obsessed with the possibility that the opponents and (his companions) poking poison him, prompting him to take precautionary measures on what to drink and eat, whether in the office or outside, but that his actions recently with either the Supreme Council or in Abu Risha consolation prompted censure by the majority of Iraqi politicians.

According to people close to Maliki’s office, the precautionary measures which stresses Maliki them, include everyone and do not exclude, but his family and his relatives, adding that al-Maliki, despite concern political contacts to secure the biggest bloc, became keen to review all predictions astronomers from Iraq, and him personally, especially predictions Iraqi Abu Ali Shaibani, who predicted his assassination by poison, and astronomical Egyptian air Ayad which indicated that his assassination would be close to him, and she called (b owners Ald_ak_ih eggs).

The informed sources from the scenes of the second meeting, which brought together Prime Minister Maliki with the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, at the latter’s office, which took place last Thursday, said that “the meeting was limited to al-Maliki and his brother Yasser While he did not attend the part of the coalition of citizen’s only wise and one of his companions” . The sources add that “special protection team Hakim surprised by the presence of two employees of the ceremony, accompanied by the Prime Minister al-Maliki, carrying with them the number of hospitality own reasons, despite the availability of the latter accepted hospitality at the home of the host.” The relay sources she said, “This is the first time that the Iraqi politician breaking the norms of hospitality during a routine visit did not exceed two hours,” indicating that “escorts Maliki were carrying bag medium-sized contain cups and bottles of water and tissue paper as well as small amounts of coffee and Lipton tea.”

And moving sources saying that “everyone, including the President of the Supreme Islamic Council surprised with the behavior of the guards al-Maliki and they Btadhaifa despite the availability of reasons hospitality,” pointing out that “the prime minister spent time quite a few to justify this strange behavior and talk about the health problems faced in the digestive tract forced him to carry out the process with a doctor Baghdadi known praising the talent possessed by Iraq in this aspect. ”

The source believes that the “Prime Minister Maliki had received strict instructions from his security team of not eating foods and drinks outside his residence in the Green Zone.”

It is said that al-Maliki returned the ball in the Council who raised Fatiha Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, in Baghdad, to the son of his brother, Mohammed Khamis Abu Risha.