Maliki holds talks with senior members of the U.S. Congress

Maliki holds talks with senior members of the U.S. Congress

Thursday, October 31 1 / Okrudolf 2013 01:30

Maliki and Senator John McCain[Baghdad – where]

Met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said U.S. Senator John McCain in the scope of meetings conducted with the U.S. figures during his official visit to the United States.

In the news special told all of Iraq [where], citing the Iraqi ambassador in Washington, Luqman Philly, Maliki met with members of Congress focused on security in Iraq, democracy and relations between Iraq and its neighbors and raised in the meeting several issues including the Syrian crisis and U.S. foreign policy and internal challenges in Iraq .

The ambassador added that the meeting with McCain was positive, and it was clear to me that he has a full understanding of the challenges and how to work with us to address them.

And met with al-Maliki and his accompanying delegation with members of the Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill.

Meeting between Maliki and 6 members of the US congress

The 6 members of Congress, including McCain sent a letter to President Barack Obama urged him to put pressure on al-Maliki to develop a strategy to achieve stability in the country, pointing to the United Nations estimates that more than seven thousand civilians have been killed in Iraq this year

They said, “Unfortunately contribute to poor management of Prime Minister Maliki’s Iraqi policy in an increase in violence in recent times.”

Senators urged Obama “to make it clear to Prime Minister Maliki that the scope of harmful Iranian influence in the Iraqi government is a serious problem in our bilateral relations, especially for Congress.”

They said that if Maliki adopted a new strategy for Iraq to address the problems of governance and unite Iraqis of all sects and ethnicities, the United States would be willing to help in the success of that strategy.

They said that this “requires a clear commitment that the elections scheduled for next year will be free and fair and will be all-inclusive in all parts of Iraq and that the necessary preparations to be taken.” Ended