Maliki faces a charge of 20 victims of the Iraqis might bring to justice

Maliki faces a charge of 20 victims of the Iraqis might bring to justice

Publication Date 17/11/2014 08:01 AM

Maliki faces a charge of 20 victims of the Iraqis might bring to justiceVice President of the current president of the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki faces the prospect referred to the Iraqi judiciary after the intention of a group of parliamentarians and the families of the victims of the massacres Hawija, Fallujah, Spyker and victims arenas popular movement to submit a list to the Iraqi judiciary include 20 counts directed to the owners based on the evidence and the evidence for it relates to the charges.

A parliamentary source revealed that lawyers for the Iraqis intend to defend the accused, and the follow-up accusations in front of the Iraqi judiciary after informing them of the indictment submitted to the courts of Baghdad and the provinces.

The list includes murder charges, and physical liquidation, and the formation of death squads assassinated activists, opponents of the owners during his two terms.

Among the charges contained in the Regulations: random and programmed murder, as accusing the former prime minister to form a special task force mission raid and arrest of regarded opponents for him, where was this band are killing detainees and liquidated without reference to any judicial official party, and the arrest of women, rather than their children and their husbands, it is found that among more than three thousand women were being detained by the security services, especially 700 women were being detained in lieu of their sons or brothers or husbands fugitives, and authorities stipulated that al-Maliki not to launch these women did not deliver what the men themselves to the authorities.

It also included accusations of abuse of power during Act was put by al-Maliki’s desire and his handling of the rule, which is Article 4, which allows terrorism security devices citizen arrested on suspicion.

And a file is «confidential informant who was al-Maliki and special organs used in the arrest of political opponents and other citizens during the fabrication of malicious accusations.

It includes a file Aaaza Maliki to his troops beat demonstrators with fire and disperse them, as happened in Tahrir Square in Baghdad Ami 2010 2011, where demonstrators subjected to fire, and fell as a result of the number of dead and wounded.

One file Maliki accuses of complicity in arms deals to pass from Russia, Ukraine, Spain and the Czech Republic and others, where she received bribes commissions of up to 40% of their value. As well as the lack of legal administration of the armed forces, and formed a military office manages the armed forces randomly and solo, also manages the maintenance of security operations in all state facilities without reference to Parliament or the Council of Ministers.

Among the charges he opened fire on demonstrators in Fallujah and Hawija near Kirkuk that killed and wounded dozens.