Maliki denies the existence of one U.S. soldier on Iraqi soil

Maliki denies the existence of one U.S. soldier on Iraqi soil

Thursday November 8, 2012

BAGHDAD – babysit – denied by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki conclusively the presence of U.S. troops and one Iraqi territory, pointing out that “inspection of suspect aircraft is by the Iraqis themselves.
A statement of the office received news agency public opinion copy him as saying in a newspaper interview that “Iraq is pursuing a policy Doors open at its external relations with the countries of the world, either in terms of armament, we are working to be the weapon the U.S. is the basic structure in arming the Iraqi army.”

With regard to the central bank, Maliki said “Multi CBI is up to investigate and no one wants to control it as rumored, because it is state-owned and not the property of any person.”

On the issue of the demarcation of the border between the provinces pointed out that “put forward in this way is not possible the Dohuk back of the connector and Najaf and Karbala and can not disappear Salahuddin province goes back Tikrit as they were previously to Baghdad.”

On the position of the Syrian crisis explained the prime minister said, “spiral killings continue in Syria as a result support the parties with weapons, and we did not offer dirhams and launched one did not support any of the parties fighting in this crisis, we will not allow the passage of aircraft carrying arms across Iraqi airspace, and what was said About this probably falls under the electoral atmosphere

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