Maliki announced his candidacy for a third term and heading to Washington end of the month

Maliki announced his candidacy for a third term and heading to Washington end of the month

Published 11/10/2013 09:17 AM

al-MalikiBabinaoz / Agencies:
Spare Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki doubt certainty when he announced his intention to explicitly run for a third term as prime minister amid strong opposition from his opponent within the National Alliance Sadrists and the Iraqi List, outside of this alliance.

Maliki said in a televised statement on Thursday evening that «if the people wanted and we have the largest parliamentary bloc as a law within the National Alliance will nominate myself for a third term.

While Maliki supported a change in the top positions of sovereign (Presidency of the Republic and the Cabinet and Parliament) in case I got alliances between the political blocs cross-ethnic and sectarian lines, it was considered that «the post of prime minister in case you did not get those variables will remain the decisive Shiite component.

Maliki’s comments come on his candidacy for a third term after less than a month about the decision of the Federal Supreme Court on non-acceptance of the appeal of the political blocs on the mandate of the three presidencies, and therefore need to be modified in the Iraqi constitution. But the Sadrist movement led by Moqtada al-Sadr is still strongly rejects the continuation of al-Maliki in office, in order to cut the road in front of the emergence of a new dictatorship in the country.

Observers believe politicians in the Iraqi capital that the Declaration of Maliki his intention to run for a third term unequivocally for the first time will spark the fray early, especially after obliging the Iraqi parliament election commission to hold the elections as scheduled on the thirtieth of April next next without delay , in the wake of sharp differences on the electoral law.

At the level of the accusations against him by his political opponents on his request support from the United States for a third term during his upcoming visit to Washington, the end of the current month, al-Maliki said he «has not and will not ask the Americans or any other country to be supported for a third term. Maliki said: «During my upcoming visit to the United States of America will discuss strengthening and consolidating relations between the two countries, indicating that« the strength of Iraq depends on strengthening its relations with America and the rest of the world, and this is our mission, which we called the open-door policy.

On the subject of armaments with the United States, Maliki said that «reinforcing the U.S. for Iraq slow, whether in the processing of aircraft (F-16) or even in the arms Statistics», attributing to the fact that «thing perspective of the case is that the mechanism of agreements armament when the American side is subject to bureaucratic intense depending on where the consent of Congress and the State Department, if the Congress was divided, that is reflected on their armament agreements. He guessed Maliki said that «there are other accounts when the American side we do not know we are, where you may interfere in the process of arming Iraq’s political calculations related to the region», pointing out that «there are aspects of the unforeseen in the case of armaments, including some political partners always speak with the Americans need lack of armament, in an implicit reference to the Kurdish leaders. For his part, member of the Iraqi parliament for a coalition of state law, Ihsan al-Awadi told «Middle East» that «Prime Minister whether Maliki or other is the candidate of the largest parliamentary bloc, whether formed before the election or after, and as the largest bloc are almost settled the Shiites that the Prime Minister of them », adding that« from within this cluster, which is now the National Alliance does not have to come from Prime Minister largest bloc within the bloc, whether state law or the Sadrist movement or the Islamic Supreme Council. The Awadi that «even under this atmosphere, the prime minister candidate needs to be a political consensus in order to be accepted by all parties as it is supposed to be acceptable to the regional parties, because it would be in contact with the countries in the region such as Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as well as the United States» .

File armament », adding that« Iraq has not received from the U.S. arming and one shot except Abrams tanks, and therefore this subject will be strongly present in Maliki’s talks with the U.S. administration.