Major international companies are racing to invest in Iraq

BAGHDAD – agencies seeking major international companies to invest in Iraq and get a job in the country is the most prominent parts of the world investment at the moment, and show these companies that the investment law and the rest of the Iraqi laws and the need for the country is the most prominent points that prompted international companies to scramble for jobs ,

and likely Economists Aalmeon to increase turnout major international companies to Iraq in the coming years, especially energy companies and oil, which is the most prominent thing Iraq needs at the moment, and sees specialists that the entry of major international companies such as GE, Shell, BP and other is a catalyst morally significant for the rest of smaller companies.

has announced GE recently announced the appointment of a new official position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in Iraq and the Levant. Indicating that Aziz Koleilat will be in charge of its new location for the development and management of business growth strategies «GE in these areas, with a focus on promoting constructive partnerships and development initiatives and rely on innovation in the development plans. The Electric that Iraq of the major markets for the company, which is currently working on consolidating its presence through partnerships with public and private sectors in the energy, aviation, oil and gas, health care, transportation and infrastructure development.

The General Electric has opened three new offices in Iraq in 2011, and has a strong presence in the Levant areas also. And in turn underlined Nabil Habayeb, President and CEO of the company «GE» in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey: «The markets of Iraq and the Levant central part in the operations of GE ‘in the region, a market where increasing requirements on the availability of energy resources, clean water and services quality health care in addition to the growing need for infrastructure development. These components represent a promising development opportunities and for the company, especially with the entry of ‘GE’ in many partnerships with public and private sectors through initiatives and projects that support the development plans in these markets. For his part, Koleilat added: «Today we have all the expertise and capabilities that allow us to contribute to a positive role in supporting the development and meet the requirements in Iraq and the Levant.

The bulk of our focus will be directed towards building partnerships that stimulate growth and enhance operational efficiencies, and meet key local requirements. Through initiatives resettlement and partnerships, emphasizing the company’s role in supporting and providing job opportunities and hone the skills of young people which is a tributary of a real social development efforts and economic ».

filled Koleilat formerly general manager of «GE Healthcare» in the Middle East, Pakistan, and oversaw the expansion successful carried out by the company in the region by focusing on partnerships and integrated projects and strategies given the needs and expectations of customers the highest priority. He joined the team work of the company in 2006 as a regional sales manager, running after a number of management positions in sales and marketing within the health care business unit.