Kuwaiti Foreign: last page has been turned and the morning visit Baghdad soon

Kuwaiti Foreign: last page has been turned and the morning visit Baghdad soon

TUESDAY, 16 APRIL / APRIL 2013 14:46

Kuwaiti Foreign ministerTwilight News / source said Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, Tuesday, Page dispute with Iraq wrapped up in the light of the intention of the government in Baghdad to end the outstanding issues between the two countries.
The source said in a statement the “Arab News”, followed “Twilight News”, “The Prime Minister Jaber Al-Sabah will visit Iraq in the coming period.”

He explained that “the visit did not come to discuss certain issues per se, but rather comes to confirm that Kuwait turned the page on the past in light of the Iraqi government’s intention to complete all outstanding issues and close the file.”

The source indicated that “the visit has not been set a date, but it may be early next month,” stressing that “Kuwait did not bother with threats that previously launched.”

Noteworthy that the group calling itself the “Izzat al-Duri group” had vowed earlier to target the aircraft will be reduced by the Prime Minister of Kuwait to the capital of Iraq.

Source promised “threats are worthless Kuwaiti government did not heed it.”

He pointed out that “the upcoming visit will be preceded by Kuwaiti delegation’s visit to Iraq for the purpose of preparing for several prior agreements, including political and economic Saoukaa the two countries,” stressing that “the United Nations will emerge Iraq from Chapter VII in light of the implementation of the requirements that Iraq undertook the implementation of its provisions.”

And seeks the leaders of Iraq and Kuwait to improve relations between the two countries, and over the past year the two countries reached an agreement on the debt of the Gulf War. And have been approved for a new demarcation decision on the common border between the two countries and that many Iraqis casual.

The sources from within the Iraqi government that it “looks forward to the visit will lead to a historic agreement between the two countries, which allows Iraq to get out of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.”

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