Kuwait–the ball is in our Court. Iraq must come out of the (matamer) item 7 and say adieu international sanctions

Kuwait–the ball is in our Court. Iraq must come out of the (matamer) item 7 and say adieu international sanctions


ball in the court

Not to say that the new Iraq and the Division have recklessly and rhetoric and Bill heading the former regime (of Saddam) wanton invasion of its neighbor Kuwait, well known far and wide that the shock of the war and the mini-crisis provoked the former regime left traces and serious implications for the Iraqi people in various walks of life and precise details

And no doubt terrifying consequences today and they are paying for subsequent generations and perhaps the worst and most dangerous decisions injustice and harm against Iraq is the so-called Chapter VII and that national effort is now out of the reach of this chapter and the final liberation from the constraints of sanctions and restrictions imposed on Iraq.

Truth be told that Iraq could over the past two decades to implement all the commitments imposed on it, leaving only a few things especially with understanding (Iraqi-Kuwaiti) and determination of common binary to resolve all the outstanding problems, whether those relating to Chapter VII or other … To liberate Iraq from the chapter the dreaded would open the gates of the future in front of him and allow him to breathe the air naturally and regain its role as an active member of the United Nations.

The visiting Kuwaiti Prime Minister Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-for Iraq and meeting Iraqi officials led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has given a strong boost by the Kuwaiti Permanent Representative at the United Nations,The Security Council would consider Iraq output theme from Chapter VII on 27 June and predicted that current passes resolution unimpeded while the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee confirmed that Iraq official approval by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to remove Iraq from Chapter VII for a convergence of views between Iraq and Kuwait as Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Undersecretary (Khaled Al-Jarallah) confirms that a note intended to be adopted soon between Iraq and Kuwait to develop fields North and then directly in the extraction of oil in the light of the present note, indicating that the end of the month will automatically exit from Iraq under Chapter VII.

The amount remaining on Iraq and 11 billion dollars, and that Baghdad was required to pay once and for sure about this situation the ball is in the Court of Iraq.

Important Iraq fulfilled its obligations, in particular concerning resolution 833 remained non-fair international resolution for Iraq is waiting for impatiently.