Kuwait propose to the Security Council the appointment of coordinator to deal with Iraq’s obligations

Kuwait propose to the Security Council the appointment of high-level coordinator to deal with Iraq’s obligations

09:14:29 / 07/2012

A session of the UN Security Council
Khandan – proposed by Kuwait to the UN Security Council appoint a coordinator last high-level or a special representative of Secretary General of the United Nations to deal with all of Iraq’s obligations outstanding of Kuwait, with near abandon Coordinator of the High-level for the prisoners and return of Kuwaiti property Ambassador Gennady Tarasov from office. and the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kuwait Sabah Al-Khalid message to the President of the Security Council permanent representative, which he pointed to developments related to the obligations remaining on Iraq, the most prominent maintenance of border markers and compensation of Iraqi farmers and compensation remaining on Iraq to Kuwait and the issue of prisoners and missing persons and Kuwaiti property. said Khalid, “Due to the importance of The sensitivity of the issue of missing persons and that have a human face and watched by the Security Council for many years and despite the great efforts that have been made specifically since 2004, through the Tripartite Commission and Technical Committee emanating from under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross but they were not sufficient so far have been identified since then The remains of 236 prisoners Kuwaitis only out of 605 of the Kuwaiti and third country nationals. ” and stressed that «While we appreciate the efforts made by the Iraqi government and its cooperation to close this file we see that there is a possibility to achieve substantial progress and concrete if the intensification of work and implementation of plans and programs agreed in the framework of the Technical Committee ». Turning to the issue of Kuwaiti property and archives National Velvet to that although “progress on the establishment of Iraq restore Kuwaiti property belonging to some government agencies Kuwait and to the side of Iraq to form a ministerial committee to follow up this file in December 2011 but that the committee did not not submitted any reports on its efforts in this regard, what keeps the fate of the National Archives of Kuwait and private documents important to the Amiri Diwan and the Crown Prince’s Court and the Office of the Prime Minister is unknown. ” The immortal “that Kuwait appreciates the valuable efforts made by the Coordinator of the High-level for the prisoners and missing persons and return of Kuwaiti property Ambassador Gennady Tarasov implementation of the mandate, which began in 1999. ” said Khalid Al «From this standpoint, the Kuwait hopes that the Security Council to appoint a coordinator of a high-level replacement for Ambassador Gennady Tarasov, or a Special Representative of the Secretary General to continue to follow the implementation of the commitments set out in Security Council resolutions may be it is appropriate to follow the Coordinator or Special Representative of all international obligations remaining on Iraq ». He was immortal for “satisfaction Kuwait for the development of the remarkable in its relations with Iraq at various levels is illustrated by the mutual visits between the two countries at the highest levels in addition to the agreements the task that has been reached on a number of outstanding issues between the two countries during the last meeting of the Joint Higher Committee last April also commended the message to go and serious desire to Iraq to meet all its international obligations towards Kuwait. ” and renewed the eternal Kuwait’s readiness to fully support and assistance needed by Iraq in order to speed up the implementation of the commitments the remaining set forth in Security Council resolutions relevant. (KUNA)
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