Kuwait confirms that there is waiving Taweidadtha and debts on Iraq

Kuwait confirms that there is waiving Taweidadtha and debts on Iraq


Palm – The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait Khaled Al-Jarallah, Wednesday, non-waiver Kuwait compensation for the Iraqi invasion, denying what some of the media and news sites for a waiver of Kuwait for reparations and debt forgiveness for Iraq.

Khaled al-Jarallah told media that what was signed not deviate from the framework of the settlement debt owed to Kuwait Airways Corporation on its Iraqi counterpart, amounting to $ 500 million and is not waived, by pushing Iraq $ 300 million cash and $ 200 million as an investment in the company lines are created in the Iraq.

The Jarallah This compromise was to lift all restrictions on rebuilding Iraqi Airways and freedom to buy and create a fleet, in exchange for preserving the rights of “Kuwait” by converting debt into investments, explaining that “the issue of waiver Kuwait billion dollars is not baseless , in addition to repeating some decree need to drop compensation.

Some of the media in Kuwait indicated that the Kuwaiti government dropped Iraq’s debt through a decree of necessity, prompting the opposition to launch a fierce attack on the government, saying it does not agree to any settlement with Iraq in this regard, especially in the absence of the Council, which was denied by the government .

The media delegation Iraqi visited Kuwait a few days ago, headed captain journalists pro-Lami said to the media that the two countries have directed to resolve outstanding issues between them, revealing that the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister will visit Iraq in January next (2013) and will meet his Iraqi counterpart, as there are a meeting of the Ministerial Committee on early next year and will discuss the file of Iraq’s debt.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced during a visit to Kuwait on March 14 last (2012) he had agreed with the Kuwaiti leadership to settle the issue of Iraqi Airways and the demarcation of the land border between the two countries.

The diplomatic sources Kuwaiti (12 March 2012), that Kuwait had agreed to drop all the debt owed by Iraq in return for the latter’s consent on the demarcation of the border with according to the United Nations resolutions, and said that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, will sign the agreement formally during his upcoming visit to Kuwait, and then submit it to the Iraqi parliament for approval.

The Iraqi cabinet approved on July 26, 2012 on the “amicable settlement” with the Kuwaiti side to solve the problem of Iraqi Airways, and recommended $ 300 million in the current 2012 budget, and $ 200 million within the next year’s budget 2013 for this purpose.

The issue of reparations to the Iraqi Airways to political problems between Iraq and Kuwait following the recent lawsuits to freeze funds in Jordan and Britain in early 2010 and which caused later to take the Iraqi cabinet decision in May of the same year liquidation and cancellation company and offered for sale to companies eligibility , also decided to also cancel all associated administrative formations, while maintaining its staff after sold to a private company.

And demanding Kuwait since the invasion in 1990, Iraq, to pay $ 1.2 billion in compensation for seizing 17 aircraft owned Kuwait Airways.

It is noteworthy that Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations witnessed a remarkable development in recent times, where he announced the Kuwaiti ambassador to Iraq, to the insured that the Kuwaiti side touching seriousness of the Iraqi government to close the outstanding issues between the two countries and that Kuwait plans to open consulates have wreaked Erbil and Basra as well as the offices of the embassy in a number of provinces Iraqi.