Kuwait calls on Iraq to nominate coordinators technicians in maintenance of border markers

Kuwait (Iba) … Kuwait called on Iraq to the fastest in determining the names of delegation of curators in the maintenance of border markers between the two countries and at the request of the United Nations team for this process.


The new director of the follow-up and coordination in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Khaled Moghames in a statement to Kuwaiti newspaper, reiterated the commitment of Kuwait to what has been agreed upon with Iraq in the joint higher committee meeting, which was held in Baghdad last June, and also what was stated in the minutes of the meeting of the Technical Committee for the maintenance of signs border between the Kuwaiti and Iraqi sides in the presence of the United Nations Group on this process, and that on the basis of which was schedule to start maintenance from 31 last October.


It is noteworthy that two specialized in the maintenance of border markers identified by the United Nations to do the job, has arrived Vdahma to Kuwait actually, in addition to the UN delegation, who asked both sides Kuwaiti and Iraqi identify the names of team every state, and this is what accomplished Kuwait, while not specify Iraq delegation yet, and therefore are not working in the maintenance process due to the reluctance of Iraq.


The ambassador stressed Moghames on Kuwait’s commitment to its promise to resolve outstanding issues with Kuwait He recalled Amiri decree issued on 23 October last private dropping lawsuits set up by Kuwait Airways against their Iraqi counterparts after the agreement on the settlement and payment of the last $ 500 million, paid 300 million during the current year and 200 million in early 2013.


He Moghames that Kuwait has implemented its obligations and pay compensation to Iraqi farmers of past farms to the border of Kuwait, and that years ago in the Fund of the United Nations Security Council resolution No. 899 issued in 1994, but the Iraqi side has yet to withdraw these funds and paid to those affected, though This affair between the United Nations and Iraq does not interfere when Kuwait.


He described Moghames periodic report, which was followed by Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council last night on her mission to help Iraq UNAMI that was consistent to what is on the ground, where it was stated Ki-moon that the decree Kuwaiti drop lawsuits against the (Iraqi) is a positive development and there historic opportunity to Iraq and Kuwait to normalize their relations, and the opportunity for Iraq to complete the remaining obligations under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.


He noted that the United Nations has completed the first of last month at the request of the two governments provide maintenance project marks the border, but that the Iraqi government did not remove columns obstructing overlapping between the borders of the two countries, as they did not respond to the UN proposal to transfer the amount of compensation to Iraqi citizens.