Kurds are turning to Washington to reduce the “dictatorship” Maliki!

Kurds are turning to Washington to reduce the “dictatorship” Maliki!

Created Monday, 08 April / April 2013 08:06

Baghdad / Orr News

Kurdish delegation traveled to Washington to clarify its position on the points of contention with the Iraqi government, federal, stressed deputies from the Kurdistan Alliance on the importance of resolving these differences or carrying Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for changing the map of parliamentary coalition between the region and the rest of the political blocs.

He Kurdistan Alliance MP Khalil Mahma that region will bring fee خارطته political with the rest of the other parties in the political process, and said that acts of current Prime federal government has torpedoed all relations and agreements between the Kurds and the National Alliance and the recent review of the same because the country needs to unite, he said .

Khalil stressed that the majority waving prime minister these days will not benefit the country as it comes Unlike all the agreements between all political parties and this development may lead to the partition of the country.

He has preached his constituents during a tour to promote his list of state law, to form a majority government political gathering mass and the rest willing to participate with him in the administration of this government for the remainder of the age of the legislative session, which ends in September of next year, without reaching talks delegation block the National Alliance to any results in their discussions with the Government of Erbil, the Kurdistan region – Iraq, with the federal government in Baghdad.

The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Azad Abu Bakr, the National Alliance and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki speedy resolution of the outstanding problems with Arbil, adding that the current situation in Iraq continues to plunge and best-Maliki treated in the same way and stand at a distance from all parties.

He warned of ignoring the current political crisis because it could drag the country to the point of no return between the political forces shared in the government, and Abu Bakr said, “will see the stage draw a new political map between all parties as a result of what excreted differences during the past three years, from the age of the current government.”

The head office of the Kurdistan region, Fouad Hussein had pointed out that the meetings of Arbil was put on the National Alliance, who visited Arbil Finally two options only two, either divorce or partnership, explaining “We have confirmed that our choice is coexistence and partnership with ensuring our rights, and wait for them the final answer in light we will decide our next steps. ”