Kurdistan “inform everyone of the truth” and reveal the seven-point agreement Barzani – Maliki

Kurdistan “inform everyone of the truth” and reveal the seven-point agreement Barzani – Maliki

SATURDAY, 04 MAY / MAY 2013 10:05

Kurdistan Twilight News / revealed the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the details of the seven points in the text of the agreement concluded by the President provincial government Naچervan the Barzani with the federal Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad recently, “in order that everyone knows the fact that subject.”

A statement for the presidency of the provincial government reportedly for “Twilight News”, that “some media organizations and satellite channels in the Kurdistan region are long ago talking about the points contained in the agreement signed by the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government Barzani and Prime Minister of the Federal Nuri al-Maliki in an accurate view of the purposes in particular. ”

He added that they “are changing the order of the points agreed upon as contained in the agreement continued so as not to reach the truth of all is also reveal that aim to show points and overlook the other points.”

The statement said that “in order that everyone knows the fact that the subject and take a look at the entire text of the Convention and received exactly as we include the full text of the Convention as is” ..

“First: to prepare a draft special law (b compensate victims of the Anfal attacks, chemical weapons and mass graves) The federal government will allocate an appropriate amount to help refugees and displaced people who are on the territory of the province.

Second: the formation of a supreme security committee for security cooperation.

Third: the formation of a committee of the two parties (Baghdad, Erbil) to investigate the details of the joint security administration in the disputed areas to private mechanisms, managed by operations leaders, including the Tigris Operations Command.

Fourth: The joint action in order to draft a law set the administrative border of the provinces as provided by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, as well as a bill to cancel the decisions (RCC), which was submitted by the Council of Ministers.

Fifth: the formation of a joint committee to investigate the problem of the judiciary and customs, travel and border crossings, and the like in the federal and provincial governments.

Sixth: the request to the House of Representatives to reconsider in the Federal Budget Law for the year 2013 and its annexes fundamentalist.

Seventh: the formation of a technical committee of the two sides to agree on a draft law of oil and gas and the distribution of resources bill.

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government has visited at the head of the delegation of high-Saturday Baghdad and met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the House of Representatives and a number of heads of political parties and political blocs in Baghdad, in order to calm the crisis between Erbil and Baghdad since the duration and Tdaeitha that led to the withdrawal of ministers and deputies of the Kurds in Baghdad and head to Erbil to discuss the situation with the Kurdish leaders to take a unified stance.

Following the visit and the apparently positive results of Kurdistan decided to resume ministers and deputies of the Kurds to Baghdad.

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