Jubouri: insisting on the implementation of Article 140

Jubouri: insisting on the implementation of Article 140 in the manner that is understood by the Kurds is the confiscation of the presence of the Arab component

19:37 2013-04-14

Article 140 Follow-up – and babysit – MP for the coalition in Iraq Omar al-Jubouri said to insist on the implementation of Article 140 in the manner that is understood by the Kurds is the confiscation of the presence of the Arab component and other components.
Jubouri said he “can not implement Article 140 only by reference to the mechanisms provided for in Article 58 of the law of the State Administration for the transitional period.”

And that “certain officials, leaders and Kurdish parties aware of according sovereign constitutional impossibility to implement Article 140 because the lid timeline ended 12.31.2007 and if it does not turn everyone to time in the slot last article 58, the Constitution Sikhriq.”

He noted that “if it was possible to implement paragraph of Article 58, it would be relatively either paragraph (b) it is impossible to implement if no partition of the country in full ones and this article interfere with the unity of the country land and people is the issue of amending the administrative border and Amendment Act administrative border of the provinces which offer by the President of the Republic did not find its way into the light because of the impossibility of its implementation, because it would be for the unity of the provinces of Nineveh, Kirkuk and Diyala, Salahuddin and even other provinces of the country. ”

He stressed that “to insist on the implementation of Article 140 is tantamount to opening the gate of hell in Iraq.”

He added that “the Kurds must understand the desire to live in one Iraq because the first article of the Constitution confirms that Iraq is one and the Constitution guarantor for this unit and they have to cancel the idea of ​​implementing Article 140, because it from the standpoint of Kurdish is to complete a draft of separation and segregation between Kurds and Arabs which is impossible Realistically and constitutional. ”

“We are certain that government Aderakt this matter so that such issues can not be subject to negotiations or meetings agenda implemented through this things deals manner”.

He continued that “law and fact, Article 23 of the Constitution stipulates that in the province of Kirkuk 3 main components and can not impose a specific identity for certain national long as they are all main components.”

He stressed that “the identity of Kirkuk remains an Iraqi solution must be nationally and this is correct logic which would avoid crises and ethnic tensions and preserve the unity of Iraq’s land and people away from thinking and perceptions of sectarianism and ethnic that will reap them people but destruction and ruin.”

Article 140 of the Constitution on the normalization of the situation in the province of Kirkuk and disputed areas in other provinces such as Nineveh and Diyala, and set period of time expired in the atheist and the thirtieth of December 2007 to implement all provisions in the said article of measures, as given to the sons of those areas of freedom of self-determination whether to stay as an independent administrative unit or attached to the Kurdistan Region by organizing a referendum

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