Iraqi’s work only 48 days per year because of many holidays

Called the labour and Social Affairs Committee representative to solve the problem of frequent holidays and disabling impact of development projects in the country.

He said yonadam Kanna told {Euphrates news} on Tuesday that “international standards emphasize the work the majority of workers in the world about 280 days a year and there is 150 days, Iraqi working lalayaml more than 48 days and this command disables and obstruct development and construction in the country.”

He stressed that “too many holidays affect negatively the General conditions in the country of production, especially in the work of government departments which delay the promulgation of laws and legislation and approved, what constitutes an obstacle to wheel construction, reconstruction and development projects and investment”.

Observers confirmed many public holidays in the country and those that are for security reasons such as bans on roaming or the like, which reflected negatively on Iraqi reality and delay progress.

And stress the need to establish security and stability in the country to prevent disruption due to the imposition of the embargo and pain