Iraqi intelligence: al-Baghdadi is dead “clinically” There is a local Arabic struggle to succeed him

Iraqi intelligence: al-Baghdadi is dead “clinically” There is a local Arabic struggle to succeed him

April 26, 2015, 11:25

Iraqi intelligence - al-Baghdadi is dead - clinically - There is a local Arabic struggle to succeed himBAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

The Iraqi Intelligence Service that Daash organization intends to broadcast recording of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi response “to the news of his death.

A source in the device that the media organization Daash run a global institution present in the small Gulf state has been conducted for several Baghdadi, audio recordings and video clips that are aired case of a serious injury or kill him until his replacement for the leadership of the organization set.

He said al-Baghdadi was taken to an Israeli hospital in the occupied Golan after suffering an air strike in the last month of March, attempts to resuscitate him and did not succeed, which is clinically dead now.

The source revealed the existence of a local Arab conflict between the leaders of the organization to succeed al-Baghdadi, where the so-called Abu Ala Afar, an Iraqi claims organization in Mosul, but the group’s leaders in Syria, he was prevented from entering the territory controlled by the organization there.

The newspaper “The Guardian” quoted a source “closely related” organization as saying that the international coalition launched on 18 March, a raid on Baaj spend in Nineveh province, wounded evacuated Baghdadi seriously injured could not evacuated continue to lead the daily operations of the organization.

The source said that al-Baghdadi was fighting for his life, prompting the group’s leaders to hold urgent meetings to take quick action to keep the organization and research in the choice of his successor, in anticipation of his death at any moment.

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