Iraqi government announces its position on the “US ground operations” within territory

Iraqi government announces its position on the “US ground operations” within territory

Thursday 29-10-2015 | 12:39:05

Iraqi government announces its position on the US ground operations within territoryTwilight News / Iraqi government has said it does not need the US ground forces to launch operations inside its territory.

This comes after what he referred to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to increase US wild momentum in Iraq, in the meantime launched by US forces with the process of landing and the liberation of detainees in prison Bahoijh Kurdish forces was under the control of Daash.

Saad al-Hadithi, spokesman for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for Twilight News, said that any military intervention in the country must be done by the Iraqi government and on air strikes by US-led forces.

Commenting on Washington hints of wild momentum increase in Iraq, said al-Hadithi, “the government did not ask the US Department of Defense to be involved in direct operations. We have enough troops on the ground.”

“I do not think that a modern and Washington increased ground support is to launch operations across its soldiers on the ground, but rather logistical assistance escalating pace and this is without prejudice to the joint coordination between Iraq and America.”

“We believe that any ground operations on the ground of any non-Iraqi forces will result in disadvantages, so the Iraq aid needs in other areas.”

The United States currently has about 3,300 troops in Iraq to train and advise Iraqi forces and protect US facilities.

The White House said “We have no intention to fight the land in the long term,” he said, adding that US troops will continue to train hard, and to provide advice and assistance.