Iraq will be over this year and the coming years from donor countries

Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation Ali Shukri said Iraq and the World Bank will sign during a period of close partnership agreement between the two sides, noting that the agreement will oblige Iraq determine the price of oil was in the budget.

Said Shukri in a joint news conference with Maria Helen, represented by the World Bank that “there is a convergence between the two parties about what is planned to support several areas in Iraq, including the strategy to reduce poverty line and government projects and developing the potential of the provinces on the transfer of budgets ministries to it, as well as cooperation with World Bank to take advantage of its expertise in determining the price of oil and the size and quantity of its exports. “

Shukri said that “Iraq this year and the coming years will be from donor countries after it was from countries that receive grants from some countries.”

Regarding Iraq’s money abroad explained, “that many of the lawsuits filed against Iraq, mostly from private sector companies, demanding sums, but Iraq ended many of them yet resolved in his favor”