Iraq uses an international team and 7 government committees to hunt down his money smuggled

Iraq uses an international team and 7 government committees to hunt down his money smuggled

Fri, 10 Feb 2017 09:03:55

Iraq uses an international team and 7 government committees to hunt down his money smuggledA UN team continues, with the help of 7 governmental, parliamentary and judicial committees, his efforts to restore Iraqi funds smuggled over the past years.
It seeks the team in charge, and the Iraqi committees help, to clear all the files relating to the entry and exit of funds from Iraq within just two years, pledging to disclose all smuggled money and to identify actors and personalities involved so.

Saleh pointed that ” the team internationalist gave pledges to the Iraqi government to recover all the money smuggled and stolen in the past and present eras , ” asserting that ” the government relies heavily on the United Nations and the large impact on countries that do not cooperate with Iraq to recover stolen and smuggled his money.”
The agreement concluded by the Government of Abadi with the United Nations walked for two years, which is renewable if the need arises.

Shows that “the pursuit of money smuggled need to file a lawsuit against persons and entities involved and under cover of the Iraqi people’s money,” he said. “It takes a long time.”

Iraq’s failure to return his money smuggled despite the formation of several committees to be recovered. The latest of these committees announced by the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on February 6 in 2016, includes a number of deputies.

Abadi adviser admits that “very difficult task”, but asserts that “the prosecution began moving to open the money smuggled file.”

Confirms Saleh, he said that “the problem facing the work is the existence of seven committees formed earlier to recover funds smuggled from the parliament and the foreign and finance the Integrity Commission and other relevant authorities,” revealing government efforts to unify these committees and attach it to the team internationalist.

In the same context, MP Adel Nouri, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee reduces the importance of the team to recover funds internationalist.

And see a member of the Integrity Committee, he said that “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has no political will and determination to fight corruption,” adding “massive amounts have been smuggled out of Iraq can not be predicted.”

Nuri added that “the Parliamentary Integrity Committee formed a committee to recover the money smuggled out of Iraq after we found six billion dollars in Lebanon,” he revealed that the presidency of the parliament withdrew the file from our committee and referred to a committee headed by the First Vice-President of the Council, Hamoudi, which stopped the investigation and the work of this file who became disabled. ”