Iraq needs an economic renaissance led by professional institutions are political wills

Detection of economy and Investment Committee Member representative Salman al-Musawi expressed “need economic Renaissance led by professional institutions”.

Moussaoui said in a press release sent to all Iraq [where] said that “Iraq needs economic Renaissance led by professional institutions are political wills jostling for narrow partisan and personal interests.”

“Iraq is suffering from a severe deterioration in infrastructure in need of massive reconstruction funds what politicians must stand together for the common good.”

Al-Mussawi called on political leaders to “leave their differences and move towards reconstruction and think all Iraqi people without distinguishing between its components work together to pass laws broken in the House for years, mostly in the service of the people.”

“Some blocks condition incapacitating for failure to pass important laws and flowing in favor of citizens fearing that calculates an achievement for the Government.”

Observers of the economy that confused the security and political situation in the country has significantly, to review the country’s economic situation, particularly with the continuing political crisis that began for parliamentary performance causing delay in the adoption of several important laws.