Iraq needs an advisory council for the development of economic policies

Iraq needs an advisory council for the development of economic policies


Includes international experts from countries successful experiences

suggested an economic advisor to Mjelbs National Business Iraqi formation of an advisory board top is developing the economic policies of the country in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation featuring international experts who succeeded their countries, which resembled a country’s circumstances and Amkanth economic, pointing out that the situation in Iraq is unlikely plans are inaccurate and should be the adoption of expertise and international consultancy in this regard.

chancellor said Daoud Abdel Zair in answering a question (morning) on the ratios low in the implementation of the plans set for the country that planning is the lifeblood of economic development in all countries of the developed world , for its active role in determining the development paths across invest the money in accordance with the requirements of cities and regions and the high level of transparency that leads to the completion of an effective and integrated projects contained in the plan stomach whether short, medium or long term.

, and pointed out that the local economy needs to develop a detailed planning and Aalah of great significance, pointing out that the country’s budget is huge and need international experience to manage the planning process governing trails projects according to the actual need of cities and the local economy. international experts and stressed the importance of the formation of an advisory council top of the economic policy of the country Baltsik with the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, is managed by international experts in countries with successful experiences, indicating the importance of this step where adoption experts in the countries succeeded in the sectors we did not achieve success in, stressing the importance that there should be coordination between the Council and the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation to invest financial resources properly, which serves the country’s economy and citizens.

transfer of international experiences He could be heading towards countries succeeded in activating and development of economic sectors and services, where they can benefit from the experience of Malaysia as well as South Korea’s first in the construction and reconstruction and the second in the process of setting up the highways, and other countries all in the sector who specialize in it, pointing to the possibility of the use of the team in those countries to invest to serve the sector concerned.

losses unforeseen He pointed out that the country is cut off from the world for a long time seen through the planning major development we desperately need to acquire such developments to compensate for what we missed, indicating that the electricity sector, for example, needs a planning process on a global level and here comes the role of the careful planning that takes into account the location of stations type of fuel near the site, as is the study of wind direction and type, soil type and environmental impacts, pointing out that relying on generators civil longer economic loss unforeseen. plans obligation issued by the Council and pointed out that the large sums spent must be included in the plans obligation issued by the proposed council, because the country exceeded its budget (113) billion dollars needed to expand into the experiences of planning that must be placed in accordance with rigorous studies.

Which requires competencies International Planning that contribute actively to the creation of real projects on the ground chime and requirements of life. universities worldwide , he said proper planning must return economic life through activation of agricultural production, for example, construction, reconstruction and other vital areas, and can take advantage of international experiences in this field.

He suggested Zair that there will be a tendency to view the five-year plan by international experts or international universities specialized scrutiny before approval, noting that this measure comes to the purpose of creating economic sectors real play their role as serving the citizens in all disciplines, without exception. experience of Kurdistan and pointed out importance of benefiting from the experience of Kurdistan in the field of investment and employment as well as planning, because there are successes achieved in this experiment, which is as close as possible and within the country, and between that work during the coming period must walking directions serve the country’s economy, and that by bypassing the mistakes of the previous phase which carried the country’s heavy load because of the lack of adoption plans successful promote economy both its production and service.

communicate with the world and said the trend towards international expertise is adopted by most regional countries and achieved great success, with the adoption of international experience in the detailed a high degree of civil first in the field of planning and selection of the best of plans that fit the reality of work in the country concerned, and here can Nacher great successes of those States, and detailed the second training of local talent at the hands of international experts here can industry experience local specifications international, so they can achieve economic feasibility and multiply and get operations planning and execution to international specifications.

Then you are relying on the expertise of local qualifying with a fee policy communicate with the world to stand up when the global developments in this area. gain experience and concluded Zair saying: that communication with the world is extremely important, especially in the field of scholarship that should be the best edifices science International which could supply the country with a wealth of human اتختلف from their counterparts in the world, stressing that this approach would work to bring world attention towards the Iraqi expertise that could gain new and evolving better than others, especially as the country in dire need of such action would achieve the economic viability of all sectors and develop the production of the various joints, as well as the services sector, which suffers is the other obvious flaw.