Iraq: Implementation of the projects require bringing global expertise

Iraq: Implementation of the projects require bringing global expertise


BAGHDAD – Hussein ثغب Tamimi give interested experts and economic affairs placed diagnose imbalances in the overall economic sectors growing interest in where ticked this time imbalance in the detailed implementation of the projects, calling for the need to provide the most important elements of success goal of funding the financial, as the planning needs to experience more accurate than it is now, comes this diagnosis, after all attempts to implement projects across ten years, what he called the claim based on international experience in this regard.

media adviser to the Business Council, the Iraqi National Daoud Abdel Zair pointed to the existence of clear imbalance in operations the implementation of projects of different sizes and levels, as set annual budgets each year and graduated from the Ministry of Planning projects financed from the investment for the general budget, but do not find the results are positive, and the foot-dragging feature that accompanied most of the projects, pointing out that many of them ending value of the investment reason for the delay period of achievement often for the time specified in the decision assignment.

implementation and planning David said in an interview (morning) that economic development requires planning a high degree of expertise and efficiency, and the implementation of at least the importance of it, which requires stakeholders to work on the study of the reasons for the reluctance, who accompanied operations of the implementation of projects and stand at the real reasons behind the imbalance in this juncture it is important to the local economy, whether in the productive or service.

international experience and pointed out the existence of reasons, nested in the reluctance ails projects, such interference must be diagnosed cause, because to continue without a cure for these problems mean a continuation in the waste of the country’s wealth without any progress in the process of the desired development, noting that the process of diagnosis were not about it complex but need serious steps by specialists, and then so they can be oriented towards the international experience and the use of them, especially those that have worked in countries close to the country’s experience and استقدامها to work on the adoption of careful planning for the force among the economic problems experienced by all sectors, can also employ international expertise in operations of the implementation of projects in an attempt to get out of the collar confusion that accompanied most of the local projects.

roundtable called Zair to the importance of the organization of round tables combine the public sector to the side of the private sector and members of the Business Council, the Iraqi national who represent the local private sector as well as the private sector, non-members of the council, is thrown among the obstacles that accompanied the implementation process, stressing that the study of the reasons for the reluctance of projects directly by the government and the private sector will lead to contain most of the problems that affect negatively on the renaissance projects.

come up with recommendations and pointed out that the meetings organized between the two sides will come out with recommendations are important and valuable and positive impact on the economic situation, and then flying to the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers to be then take appropriate decisions to the stage of development objectives.

continued Zair saying if we talked about solutions for inter problems, we must start from the port which is one of the most important stages of the work, where the need for the advancement of the services to be provided by the cadres of departments operating in the ports, because there are goods many piling up often, although needed projects it leads to a delay in implementation, as well to what the consequent fines and taxes Takhiria overburden supplier because the fines are in amounts large, especially when you pay for foreign companies carrier of the goods.

performances first and reiterated that finding a solution to the reasons for the reluctance of projects requires testing companies carried out by those responsible in accordance with certain controls. Where should companies offer performances at the beginning of it and when overcome successfully position to provide business presentations.

and routines practiced in circles said Zair: The revisions of the many that accompany the implementation processes are impeding another to implement projects which requires a shortcut rings routine excess which is determined through the meetings of the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers with representatives of the private sector.