Iraq gets full membership into transparency initiative; First Middle Eastern country and OPEC to achieve

The Ministry of Oil in Baghdad, on Wednesday, that Iraq is the only country in the Middle East and OPEC, which gets full membership in the Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency, while revealed quest completed monument 5000 meter at various stages of the oil industry by the end of 2013 the current, Initiative showed that there is a “strict conformity” between the companies and government data extraction on the amounts paid and received in 2010 the last of $ 52 billion.

He said Iraqi Oil Minister, Abdul Karim and coffee came during a ceremony organized by the Iraqi Oil Ministry in Baghdad today to mark Iraq to get full membership in the Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency, and attended (range Press) that “the ministry continues the deployment of all its programs and plans to the public for people to be informed complete its work “, returned to” issue a report Transparency Initiative for the year 2010 is a clear sign of the accurate procedures ministry in documenting its revenues. “

He added to coffee, that “Iraq is the first in the Middle East and the only organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC OPEC, which gets full membership in the Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency”, noting that “the ministry is working in the processing system counters in stages oil industry different.”

He and Iraqi oil minister, saying, “The ministry monument erected more than 4000 meters and will be another monument thousand before the end of the year 2013″, adding that “counters erected in warehouses and major transportation lines.”

For her part, chairwoman of Transparency Initiative for the extractive industries, Clare Short, through its presence festive set up by the oil ministry in a good hotel and attended (range Press), said that “many countries joined the initiative, but it took a long time to become a member of identical,” noting that there were “some problems that relate to oil in the Kurdistan region should work to incorporate their own amounts in other reports.”

Short added, “the initiative to address corruption processes to achieve transparency,” indicating that “it is not an easy task.” And President of the Board of Directors invited Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency, Iraq to “participate in the Initiative’s annual conference in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, for details of the workflow.”

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency in Iraq, Alaa Muhyiddin, who served as inspector general at the Ministry of Electricity, “The data extraction companies correspond with those of the Iraqi government with respect to amounts paid.”

Muhyiddin said, in his speech to celebrate, that the initiative “asked the extractive companies to provide pre-audited data for the amounts paid by the Iraqi government,” adding “We have asked the Iraqi government reports similar amounts received.”

The Secretary-General’s initiative Extractive Industries Transparency in Iraq, “the report initiative concluded that there is an exact match between the data provided by both sides on oil revenues for the year 2010, amounting to $ 52 billion.”

And agreed TI in February 2010, on Iraq to be a candidate for membership of the initiative the Extractive Industries Transparency, which sets global standards for transparency concerning oil and gas, mining, through the payment of companies to disclose tax and royalty payments to governments with demand that governments provide proof of receipt These payments.

It is noteworthy that Transparency International is an NGO, which was founded in 2002 and operates under Norwegian law as a non-profit, and Iraq was considered a candidate countries for membership Transparency Initiative within the list of 21 candidate countries after applying to join them in 2010 last.