Infallible expected resumption of dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil, Iraq denies subordination to Iran

Infallible expected resumption of dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil, Iraq denies subordination to Iran

Posted 17/09/2014 12:26 PM

Infallible expected resumption of dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil Iraq denies subordination to IranPredicted Iraqi President Fuad Masum, starting dialogue between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region within a week or two weeks to resolve the outstanding problems between the two sides.

And on the Paris conference to support Iraq in the face of Iraqi President Daash said that Iran was necessary to attend the conference on the grounds that it is part of the region and the eastern neighbor of Iraq along the borders stretching for thousands of kilometers.

Masum said in an interview with Al-Hayat newspaper published in London, “we asked for military assistance from countries in a position to do so. Some have planes could bomb the coordination between its cadres and our staff GPS., And some of them mightily to provide humanitarian assistance and the third cares sheltering the displaced and resettled, Iraq is a sovereign country right agreement with some countries to help in the required areas. ”

And whether the formation of the new government prevent the return of relations between Iraq and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) said that “the accusation that Iraq continued to Iran is not true.”

And between on the sidelines of the Paris conference that “the government and the new government of national unity that represents all components of the Iraqi people, which is coherent, and cohesion will continue, especially after the emergence of Daash because it is not a danger to Christians and Yazidis only, but for everyone.”

And penetration “Daash” between Syria and Iraq and its impact on relations Baghdad to the Syrian regime that “the elimination of Daash in Iraq will affect the development of the organization in general. Situation is different for Syria Some countries want that does not have to intervene on behalf of government is, and this is the subject of dispute.”

On the situation of the Kurdish and if he will impact positively on the dispute between the government and the province said, “Yes, that’s what I think. Relative to oil there is an agreement between the parties, and must put an oil law to resolve the existing problems. Within a week or two starts a dialogue between the province and the government Federal solve these problems. ”

And relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council said that “the foreign minister visited Jeddah and met with Prince Saud al-Faisal at the conference in Paris and I hope the return to normal relations between the two parties”