IMF: Economic indicators in the Middle East will not change

Ruled out the International Monetary Fund in any change in economic indicators in the Middle East during the year 2013, which will weigh on oil-importing countries.

The director of the Middle East and Central Asia in the Fund Masood Ahmed said that financial and economic data of the Group of the oil-exporting Gulf, was good last year due to higher oil prices and increased demand for fuel around the world.

He pointed out that “on average achieved oil exporting countries overall growth exceeded six per cent last year,” expected the same trend to continue through 2013, to witness these countries perform well on the economic front.

He added that the oil-importing countries Stagnated last year , revealing that the average growth in these countries was two per cent, which was not enough to improve the lives of these peoples.

And that phrase problems suffered by the oil-importing countries in the past year, were vulnerable to external shocks and growth slowed economies and the economies of the rest of the world, especially in Europe and affected by higher oil prices and food and the lack of stability in the region and consequences for. He added that some of these countries have increased the pace of their spending in a time when decreased revenues, which contributed to a growing budget deficit and low foreign currency reserves, pointing to signs of economic recovery in oil-importing countries.