High Nassif: Kurds Avcalo fight in parliament for fear of dismissal of Fuad Masum

High Nassif: Kurds Avcalo fight in parliament for fear of dismissal of Fuad Masum

Published on: 15-04-2016, 16:12

High Nassif - Kurds Avcalo fight in parliament for fear of dismissal of Fuad MasumBAGHDAD / Sky Press: Areej al-Taie

Confirmed high Nassif MP, on Friday, that the Kurds Avcalo fight in parliament based on party directives, fearing to see Alcil dismissal of President Fuad Masum.

The office said in a statement today and seen by “Sky Press,” that “the deputies of the National Union received partisan directives need to fabricate a problem or a fight in parliament after it reached them the news that the meeting will vote on the dismissal of the three presidencies, which will include the dismissal of President Fuad Masum “.

The statement continued, “The so fabricated deputies of the National Union, the problem of breaking plates names and tied between them and the martyrs of the Anfal surprisingly kinky, and if you listen to their words, quoted by the media note they speak nervously vexatious and caught up sentences and phrases inside their words nothing to do with the basic theme, which demonstrated angry for, if you say one of whom (why they broke our names) and then scream (Martyrs Anfal) or someone say (why they broke our names), then screaming (Jalal Talabani), and if they want any deputy to intervene or ask them gets to rise up, saying, (why do harm to our martyrs and our symbols ), knowing that the alternative scenario, which is the charge did not succeed Rep. Nassif or any another deputy involved in the abuse to argue with them, Jalal Talabani, too. ”

“The House of Representatives of the protesters when he dismissed Salim al-Jubouri, did not think that Arab or Kurd or a Sunni or Shiite, the aim is to fight corruption and the corrupt and the dismissal of losers, whatever the national and religious and sectarian affiliations, and what earned him a Kurdish citizen of the existence of Fuad Masum in office? And who take advantage of the Kurds the Government of the Territory also and all these political conflicts, plays between the center and the region? After that the patience of our people Kurds oppressed six months without salaries were paid finally have been deducted one-third or more under the pretext of compulsory savings, the time has come a Kurdish revolt popular against all the corruption capital, which controls the Kurdish Bmilisheadtha the street, many of those who pretend to defend the rights of the Kurds are wealthy businessmen and women living good life away from the concerns of the poor Kurdish citizen. ”

The statement noted that “the President of the new Council of Representatives hearing View CD disc to clear the fact that the attack on the MP Nassif revealed cheap theatrical representation by the deputies of the National Union defense infallible.”