Hassoun Fatlawi: Maliki has failed to implement the promises made by the fans and the next elections will be “tough” on it!!

According citizen bloc MP / National Alliance / Hassoun Fatlawi, that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki “failed” in the implementation of his promises over the previous period, he said, adding that the political process will see with mobility near the provincial elections.

Fatlawi said: The Prime Minister has failed to implement its promises throughout the period and especially as he promised fans resolve their problems in the event of his rise to power, but the problems are still at a standstill, especially in relation to security and services.

He added: during the recent talks between the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance will begin the political blocs to provide concessions and reduce its demands to be more realistic solutions. And predicted the National Alliance MP: to see the political process in the coming days with political mobility near the time of the election of provincial councils because in the absence of resolving differences, the election would be “harsh” on the parties.

The MP for / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Saman Fawzi, expected to testify next week political mobility, calling for the implementation of the remainder of the terms of the Erbil agreement. Fawzi said it is hoped that the witness next week mobility politically resolve the crisis two years ago, stressing the need to revive the Erbil.