Global Smartcard in Iraq allows shopping without money

Iraqi company announced global smart card for launching services of the second generation of card holders the “Ki Card” in Iraq, while indicated that they will in the coming months to activate the roaming service for the smart card to be used outside the country, as well as service and mobile Internet.

The director of studies and development of the smart card Louay Ibrahim Hadi in a press statement yesterday that “the company global smart card launched the second generation of the smart card the (Ki Card), which will provide services and commercial banking for all citizens without exception,” noting that “the card will enable the customer to deposit and transfer amounts anywhere in addition to shopping from shops, as well as the payment of bills for electricity and water. “

He Hadi that “the company will cooperate with 4000 port to deal with this service, including the shops that will be equipped with devices for working with this card,” noting that “the citizen who owns this card will be able to shop without carrying any amount of cash in his pocket and no commission to be borne by the merchant or the owner of the shop. “