Giving the international coalition, “Abadi” for 3 months to implement the commitments made

Giving the international coalition, “Abadi” for 3 months to implement the commitments made by in front of them

01-07-2015 12:46 PM

Giving the international coalition Abadi for 3 months to implement the commitments made by in front of themCondition of the international coalition that led Washington with the participation of European and Arab in the war on terror to continue its support for Iraq implemented political reforms and commitments that the front of the Europeans and the Americans at the Paris meeting and the summit of the seven adults.

revealed to media sources, the source was present on the banquet breakfast hosted by the Speaker of the House sound Jubouri to a group of Iraqi journalists last revealed that the audience for granted the Americans and the Europeans for Iraq-running time limit of three months for the implementation of the commitments made ​​by al-Abadi in front of them.

He said al-Jubouri said the parties whom he met on his recent tour, especially in Europe and put a time limit of six to eight weeks to deliver positive results condition for continued support, and otherwise on the Iraqis carry out their responsibilities in their house in order and expel Daash of their cities.

According to the novel House Speaker Van Haider al-Abadi and through its participation in the international coalition Paris summit meeting of the seven and the top of the adult and his meeting with President Barack Obama’s three-month deadline for the implementation of political commitments and agreements which may grant pledged by with their partners, while al-Jubouri detect the presence of the convictions of a US presence of sufficient weapons in Iraq to be used in the fight against Daash and asked Americans inspections in Iraq, refers to a change in US dealings with the issue of armament alleged.

The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives that the results of his recent tour is to get the support of the international community in providing half a billion dollars for the support of nearly three million people displaced from areas controlled by Daash Kuwait contributed to the amount of two hundred million dollars and the UAE hundred million and the rest would be provided the United States of America.

he expressed Jubouri surprise of putting some political circles European Hints the possibility of opening a dialogue with Daash, and deal with them in the event of failure to eliminate them and counted desperate attempts.