From Bush to Obama .. father in 24 years, four heads declare war in Iraq

From Bush to Obama .. father in 24 years, four heads declare war in Iraq

09/15/2014 11:57

From Bush to Obama - father in 24 years four heads declare war in IraqAgencies – joined President Barack Obama recently to the list of ex-heads of Washington, who declared for military operations in Iraq, after announcing the start of the implementation of the air strikes against al “Daash.”
The number of American presidents who launched military operations in Iraq during the last 24 years, 4 heads, are George HW Bush, and Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, and finally Barack Obama. This was carried out military operations under different political slogans, until he became the war in Iraq, like a rite of the American presidency.

The history of American intervention in Iraq during the past quarter-century, began with President George HW Bush in January 1991, where he announced the time for starting the implementation process of the liberation of Kuwait, and in response to the invasion of the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein of Kuwait.

Bill Clinton is the second American presidents who intervened militarily in Iraq, in order to curb Saddam Hussein, where Clinton announced in the month of December 1998, the start of an operation to destroy weapons capability within the Iraqi army under the leadership of Saddam Hussein.

In March 2003, Shen George W. Bush, the broader US-led war against Iraq, after a long debate about Baghdad possession of weapons of mass destruction, and considered the former American President war against Iraq as part of the fight against terrorism in the world.

At the beginning of last August, it was announced President Barack Obama for starting the implementation of air strikes designed to cripple the capabilities of the organization, “Daash” and stop the progress in Iraq, and sent a number of military advisers to there without having to be for those combat missions, and declaring that he would not hesitate to take action against “Daash” in Syria, as in Iraq.