Foreign Relations: Obama visited the area and ignored Iraq and we are conservatively

 Foreign Relations: Obama visited the area and ignored Iraq and we are conservatively Washington political paths

24/03/2013 (00:01 pm)

 Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi

Considered members of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives that the absence of Iraq from the agenda visit the U.S. president to the Middle East two days ago despite synchronized with the tenth anniversary of the American invasion of the country in 2003, a sign of dissatisfaction with the U.S. administration for the political process in crisis in the country.
comes in time showed the U.S. ambassador to Iraq Robert Steve Beecroft during a meeting with parliament speaker Osama Najafi yesterday, concern the postponement of elections in Nineveh and Anbar, and rejection of “the absence of citizen’s right to vote.” explained a statement issued by the Office of Najafi after meeting Beecroft and received a “long” version of it, The “Beecroft and Najafi eternal concern of postponing the elections in the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and ignoring citizens’ right to vote guaranteed by the constitution.” the statement said, “Najafi said the U.S. ambassador that the government announced the postponement of provincial elections is not based on based legal right,” noting that “parties agreed that the elections are the basic principles of democracy-building and the political process sound. ” can be seen as a statement ambassador, who moved Najafi, of the rare cases that are attached where Washington so clear on policies Maliki, since the withdrawal of its army the end of 2011. Obama launched during the past two days visit included Israel and the Palestinian territories, Jordan, without visiting Iraq despite coincided visit with the memory of an American is a significant invasion of Iraq, while missed Iraq also for Obama’s remarks during his visit to the region without that draws attention all the potential for violence and protests continue against the government three months ago. was the first and last visit Obama’s Iraq took place in January 2008, when he was a candidate for the U.S. presidency, has not visited the country since his accession to the presidency after President George W. Bush. said a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary Rh t e g Mahdi said in a statement to the “long” yesterday that “the U.S. side worried about regional interventions political affairs in Iraq, especially Iranian influence, “adding that Iraq’s position official about the Syrian crisis teased criticized by Washington. adding that “Barack Obama’s policy was clear since he took the presidency the White House, embodied in the decision to withdraw U.S. calves of the country and reduce programs development and the political discourse of the American president was clear lack of concern for the Iraqi file, which justifies not visiting Iraq. ” said Mahdi said that “the American side feels threatened on the democratic process in Iraq,” pointing out that despite all the political crises successive country did not intervene America directly, But when Maliki decided to postpone local elections in Anbar and Mosul side expressed U.S. displeasure of the resolution is considered a clear change in the U.S. position. ” to that attributed a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Imad John not to visit the U.S. president to Iraq during his Middle Eastern political calculations reveal not remain Iraq within priorities American. said John in a statement to the “long” yesterday that “the position of the U.S. ambassador last about postponement of the elections reflects dissatisfaction U.S. government’s decision to postpone the elections, which may take place in the context of the reasons why Obama is willing to visit Iraq. revealed John the existence of a planned visit by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to the country, adding that the visit will focus on the political crisis and the reasons for postponing the elections in Anbar and Nineveh. Regarding development cooperation between Iraq and America explained John said the U.S. side had notes on some contracts economic concluded earlier between the two countries in addition to the the existence of corruption involving officials and Iraqi figures, making these programs and contracts in hand, pointing out that a large part of the Framework Convention signed between Baghdad and Washington is not activated yet. was U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said some sarcasm during a meeting Brian recently, that Obama no longer wants to hear news of Iraq, has been entrusted everything to a team led by Biden, who did not visit Iraq since a long time and only send telegrams or to call the some leaders in Baghdad and Erbil. but America has many interests and Mstthmrōha accept to enter the Iraqi market, and already former U.S. Ambassador James Jeffrey said to the extent that 70 percent of companies executive development program in Iraq’s oil industry, are U.S. companies.