Following the return of US influence .. Tehran is reshaping its relationship with Baghdad

Following the return of US influence .. Tehran is reshaping its relationship with Baghdad, new faces

18-11-2014 02:23 PM

Following the return of US influence - Tehran is reshaping its relationship with BaghdadNecessitated the current stage in Iraq under the government of Haider al-Abadi, which differed policy from its predecessor, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Iran to re-examine its project in Iraq, to ​​begin to change their policies towards him and the search for new faces except for those consumed to form a new lobby in Iraq.
According to a source in the Iraqi National Alliance, said that ‘Iran has invited Iraqi figures outside of the National Alliance of Independent Islamic and liberal currents, in an effort to form a new lobby inside Iraq’.
The source asserts that they ‘asked them to establish a different reading of what it should be Iran’s policy towards Iraq in the next stage, in the light of observations and errors committed during the past years in the context of the relationship between the two countries’.
He explains that ‘the minister was in the Maliki government out of the National Alliance, and invited him to Tehran Finally, met on the sidelines of the visit, the President of the National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani and officials in the Foreign Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’, stressing that it ‘found a group of Iraqi figures in miniature meeting in Tehran. ‘
And indicates the source (according to the new ‘Arab site’) that ‘the Iraqi working group that included prominent member of the Dawa Party, was a deputy in the parliament for the rule of law, and the people liberals and representatives of institutions of Iraqi sensitive’, noting that ‘the Iraqi people were taking notes and outline what is being said with interest adult ‘.
It also points out that ‘Iran realized the error count or bet on the large Shiite Islamist parties in the arena, and I realized the size of the credibility enjoyed by the Islamist and liberal figures not affiliated to a political party or a stream, this began attempts to win them over to its side.’
And confirms that ‘the bulk of the dialogues and words and Iraqi interventions were focused on the idea of ​​state support, and lack of focus on the support of the person, as was prevalent in Iran with the experience of the former Iraqi government.’
After the American occupation of Iraq in 2003, successive governments and solidified its relations with Iran supporting them. And became Iranian policies is that control the fate of Iraq, foreign relations and paint planted a rupture between him and his surroundings Arab landmarks.

After entering the organization ‘Islamic state’ (Daash) to Iraq last June, and the removal of Maliki about governance and the formation of a government Abadi in August / August last, and Iraq’s need for the international coalition led by the United States to hit the ‘Daash’, Washington imposed a new policy on Baghdad To begin with openness to the surrounding Arab countries, which angered Iran and forced her to re-examine its policies in the country.