Financial expects parliamentary approval of the budget tomorrow

Financial expects parliamentary approval of the budget tomorrow

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Baghdad / Orr News

Is almost certain that the parliament votes on Thursday on the federal budget for the current year, and said the parliamentary Finance Committee it had ended the discussion of all the economic and financial problems in the budget in 2013.

Said committee member Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri “There are no technical or financial problems or facing economic draft budget and the members of the committee agreed on the need not to delay more than this length of time.” He continued that “the delay in approving the budget will reflect negatively on the implementation of the major service projects and the provision of electricity to the citizens.” He pointed reference to “the House of Representatives must be professionally deals with the budget and approved by the file as soon as possible after the agreement on resolving the ratio of the Kurdistan region.”

And held the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, on Wednesday, with the heads of political blocs meeting to agree on the disputed paragraphs in the draft federal budget. And spins out of the dispute over the draft budget inter points, notably the calculated amounts of foreign oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region of up to more than four billion dinars, and calculating the amounts of the Peshmerga forces and to keep the region’s share amounting to 17 percent.

And the leaders of political blocs failed in the House of Representatives to agree on the contentious points in the draft budget after more than one meeting to resolve differences.