Eliminate cancer starting next year

Eliminate cancer starting next year

28-11-2017 15:00

Eliminate cancer starting next yearExperts suggested a new treatment could be tested on cancer patients starting next year, using cells capable of killing cancer in people with strong immune systems.

The new treatment is based on neutral granular cells, commonly referred to as nitroblasts, which are part of the body’s first line of defense. The treatment is based on a technique that multiply these cells millions of times and then injects them into the patient.

Scientists believe that these neutral cells are the main reason that some rare individuals suddenly recover from deadly cancers, in so-called “miraculous healing” condition.
After testing the mice, the British company “Lift BioSciences”, which supervises the production of the drug, is preparing to conduct innovative experiments for treatment on a few patients.

“We are not talking about just controlling cancer,” said Alex Blyth, chief executive officer of the company. “We look at a one-week hospital treatment for five to six weeks.” Based on our lab and the mice tested, we hope to see patients recover completely from Disease, our ultimate goal is to create the world’s first bank of cells from strong, killer, killer cells. ”

The team of scientists from Kings College College in London focuses initially on pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest cancers, with more than 9,000 cases diagnosed in the UK each year, killing about 8,817 patients, Survive for 5 years after the disease to less than 3%.

Preliminary tests on rats showed the ability to kill cancer cells in the cervix. Blyth said that the main advantage of neutral cells is that donor cells can be given to anyone without fear of being rejected by the body. They also live in the body for only 5 days and disappear. Before the immune system can respond.

Equatorial cells kill cancer cells either directly by destroying them through chemicals and antibodies, or indirectly by recruiting other immune cells.

There is evidence that neutral cells may not sometimes treat cancer as a “foreign body,” but can protect tumors from other immune responses. But when targeted at cancer, they are so efficient that they can eliminate 95 percent of cancer cells within 24 hours. Hour, this ability is the foundation of the new treatment.

Source: Daily Mail