Economist: the banking system would have trouble if everyone agreed on the amount of compensation for the ration card

The economic expert Majid picture that the banking system in the country is not qualified and not sobering and will face problems if all Iraqis agreed on the amount of compensation for the ration card.

Suri said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} Thursday that “the decision to cancel the ration card was in a hurry and the main problem is not related to the philosophy of market economy or the economy of the center, because the citizen suffers from significant problems including poverty, unemployment and others. “

He added that “corruption is evident in the Ministry of Commerce and all episodes that deal with the ration card, as well as the amounts of alternative established by the government for abandoning citizen for the ration card items can go wrong is the other to great corruption, especially since he has not been studying the mechanics of distribution. “

He said that “if approved by all Iraqis and the 34 million on the amount of alternative, that would be a burden on banks that adopt the distribution of these funds in the effort, time and confusion will happen and congestion in the absence of ownership of the country for the banking system is qualified and discreet. “

He noted that “it was better to fight rampant corruption in the joints of the state and especially the Ministry of Commerce and the ration card system instead of thinking abolished and thus the citizen is the sole victim. “

And wondered “if the state can not control the files in the ration card which is affiliated how can they control the private sector and higher market prices. “

He said the “Multi cancel the ration card is not only secured employment and the eradication of poverty and unemployment enactment of the Social Security Act, which includes the unemployed, as well as to transfer the ration card to the provinces and councils or the formation of private bodies to work on this matter. “

The government threw the ball in the court of the citizen its decision to leave it to him in the trade-off between the ration card or alternative amounts, after the cancellation decision, which sparked outrage and Indignation of citizens, especially those who depend on the ration card in important details and wide of their lives