Economist holds Iran responsible for money laundering and currency smuggling

Baghdad / WAP / Download an economist Husam Obeid, the Iranian side, the direct responsibility for money laundering operations and currency smuggling from Iraq.

The chairman said group banks (the economy for investment and funding) in a press statement received news agency Baghdad International / WAP / copy on Monday that “money laundering and smuggling currency out of the country began to grow in Iraq since the encouragement of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, Considering that Iran is the beneficiary of that because of the blockade imposed on it for failing to implement international resolutions and laws. “

He added that “the economic situation in Iraq so far is disciplined as in the case of the security situation, there are elements of their work is the main smuggling money in collusion with some related devices, and this thing could happen in any country is shifting from a totalitarian system to a democratic system of electoral and address this dangerous phenomena need a period of time may extend to the emergence of a new generation and is in the meantime issuing new laws and legislation. “

He continued, “There are a number of measures fast can be taken to reduce the phenomenon of money laundering, the most important of more privatization of production facilities and more economic openness and more taxes with canceled tax inclusiveness and economic reforms radical and find a real role for the private sector in the Iraqi economy.”