Economic Commission: postponement of the general budget for 2013

The chief of the Economic Commission MP Ahmed al-Alwani, to postpone the vote on the public budget for 2013 because of objections from some political blocs for political purposes especially, explaining: The postponement of the vote came to incomplete reports relevant committees and objections to the proportion of the operating budget.

Said Alwani: The postponement of the vote on the budget State public came to intercept some members of the House of Representatives on the proportion of the operating budget 70% and the investment budget 30%, stressing: that the operating budget, mostly consumer and pay state employees do not benefit the country’s economy.

added: that most members of the House of Representatives with an increased proportion of the investment budget for jobs New to lift the weight from the shoulders of the operating budget, noting: that most of the ministries that have been allocated large sums in previous budgets will not be implemented either 30 or 20% of its projects, prompting the House to claim the reports of projects and the amounts spent on them.

and continued: that most of the objections came to re- consider the allocations for each ministry and each project to allocate amounts current budget on the basis of, denying: there are no objections for the purposes of political blocs, but all serve the interests of the people.

said Alwani: The holiday legislative House of Representatives postponed until adoption of the budget and public will end legislative vote on the state budget.