Ebadi rejects US offer to send helicopters to hit Daash

Ebadi rejects US offer to send helicopters to hit Daash

Thursday 17 December 2015 | 17:39

Ebadi rejects US offer to send helicopters to hit DaashBAGHDAD / translation .. under the current Iraqi situation to a great floundering after the increase in global-interference in internal affairs, especially after the announcement of the Islamic Alliance Turkish overtaking on the Iraqi border, which made the country suffer from internal and external many pressures, made it difficult for the government deal with the international offers support for its war effort against the terrorist organization “Daash”.

As reported by the agency “Associated Press” news story, confirms that the current Prime Minister of Iraq, “Haider al-Abadi,” has refused to offer a US judge to send more American trainers, in addition to providing combat helicopters of the type “Apache” to cover battles in all of Ramadi and Mosul, on the back the growing pressures on the multi reject any foreign presence does not enjoy popular support on the land of Iraq, while the agency indicated that the Iraqi rejection came despite US confirmation of the existence of prior coordination and approval of the Iraqi government, which is not recognized by other regional parties.

The agency also confirmed that the US Secretary of Defense, “Ashton Carter” and through a press release, had confirmed refusal Baghdad to increase the proportion of US participation in the war against the terrorist organization, which emerged from a meeting with Balebadi on Wednesday in Baghdad, to announce that no agreement has been reached between the two parties about accept more US support.

A reminder that al-Abadi, had confirmed, as reported Agency, that the Iraqi forces as it stands is more than enough to eliminate the organization Daash terrorist, at a time when increasing the positions of American political leaders and the military, Fury, about finding a final solution to eliminate the terrorist organization in Iraq, and from the introduction of more US troops and an Iraqi that did not culminate with the approval directly, as it pays US Senator “John McCain” US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, “Donald Trump.”

It should be noted, too, that the US helicopters which had been previously announced prepared to be sent to Iraq, was intended to restore the city of Ramadi, Iraq, Mosul, because of its high capabilities to enable them to be a deadly weapon in the war of the cities, especially, and that the cities fighting fear including field commanders because they carry a significant risk to the participating forces, and civilians trapped in the target cities alike, where the effects of the Iraqi rejection several questions US for the real reasons, especially since the nature of the current battles need to weapons such as helicopters “Apache”, after the Iraqi government failed the provision of helicopters enough fighter to achieve an advantage to the terrorist organization from the air in the words of Almsdr.anthy 5